How To Find Inexpensive Ideas for Spring Table Centerpieces

Spring is the season when you just want to bring color and life to your home every single day. One of the ways by which to enliven your house is by placing centerpieces on your dining table, console or just any part of your dwelling area. But centerpieces can cost much especially if you change them every so often. Well, you may just rearrange and mix match the decorative pieces but still you have to totally alter them now and then to make each arrangement unique and gorgeous.

Here are ways by which you can find inexpensive ideas for spring table centerpieces.

  1. Think natural. Do you have a garden full of flowering shrubs? Then go out and pick some stems and place them as centerpiece decorations. You can accessorize them with small decorative items lying around in your house such as colorful pebbles and tiny balloons. You may put food coloring on the water also as you mount the flowers on a transparent bowl. The colored water will certainly add pizzazz to your centerpiece arrangement.
  2. If you have no garden, go to night markets and grab an inexpensive bouquet of your favorite blooms. Pick those that do no wilt easily. Lilies make perfect centerpieces and they last longer too because their stems can hold more water for days.
  3. Transform an old throw-away bottle or glass container into an attractive vase. You may spray paint or etch it to create an artistic design. Place some stems of natural plants or flowers in it to add life to a dark corner in the house. Daisies and sunflowers will look great in this vase.
  4. Place small pebbles in a transparent bowl. Glue a straw of bright colored ribbon around the rim. If you want to make the centerpiece more colorful, you may color the pebbles with different hues. You need not place flowers anymore as the pebbles and ribbon will already make a sparkling statement for your centerpiece.
  5. Line a flat tray with different sized stones and rocks. Place a huge candle in the middle. Light the candle if you wish. You may use graduated sized candles or just a single large one to achieve a serene and calm effect. Scatter glitters all over the rocks and stones to add shimmer to the centerpiece.
  6. Place water in a bowl and sprinkle with glitters of different colors – gold, silver, brown, black, purple and so on. Arrange several petals on the surface of the water. The petals should float, not sink. Pink and bright yellow petals are ideal for this type of centerpiece.
  7. Use a huge clear bowl. Place some artificial aqua decorations – leaves, pebbles, goldfish tower and sunken ship. Add a goldfish. Make sure the goldfish is big enough to be visible. Avoid adding more decorations however, so as not to suffocate the fish. Place it on top of a decorative round tray and mount in the middle of the dining table. It should serve as a nice conversation piece while the family is having dinner.
  8. Visit thrift stores and find some medium-sized ceramic figurines such as elephants, lions, cats and other pleasantly looking creatures. Mount the figurines on a tray and add some accessories.

The ideas for inexpensive spring table centerpieces are unlimited. The only limit perhaps is your imagination. Be more imaginative, more creative and more resourceful and you will see how many money saving ideas you can come up with for your spring table centerpieces.


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