How To Find Insurance for your Hot Dog Cart

A lot of people have been interested in pursuing a hot dog cart business over the years because one, it’s not hard to set-up; two, investment is not too high; and three, its popularity doesn’t seem to wane.

Though it appears fairly simple, there are a lot of things to take care of when deciding or running a hot dog cart. Aside from worrying about the inventory, the set-up and location of a hot dog cart itself requires the owner to have the proper insurance for it.

Here are the steps you can follow to find insurance for your hot dog cart in cases of vandalism, destruction, or accidental food poisoning.

Contact your broker or insurance agent. Start first by asking if your insurance company can provide hot dog insurance under your existing ones. If the answer is yes, ask them if it covers damages made to the cart or injuries that may happen while you’re running your business. There are instances when you don’t have to pay extra if you declare the hot dog cart business initially as your hobby. It will just fall under your house insurance. But, this will change as soon as the money starts coming in. There is also a possibility that you’ll save more if you already have any existing insurance coverage with your agent’s company.

General Liability Insurance. This insurance, also known as commercial general liability insurance is required in most states. This is a requirement before you can set up your cart business. Its coverage is normally limited to paying customers if they accidentally get sick from your hot dogs, or end up hurt in any way. You can contact the local health department where to apply for one, or ask your insurance broker if they offer this in the location where you plan to have the hot dog cart. Depending on the state, the insurance coverage can be between $300 and $500.

There is an additional insurance required for mobile or trailer-type hot dog carts. Called the trailer insurance coverage, it is an addition to the general liability coverage.

Browse. Most manufacturers of hot dog carts have websites where they post sites and contact details of insurance companies who are offering different types of insurance for hot dog cart owners. You can use that to select the best insurance coverage in the city and state where you plan to open up business.

Ask. You can ask fellow hot dog owners what insurance provider he/she uses. It allows you to get first hand feedback about certain providers, thus providing you with suitable candidates.

Join up. Look for sites or forums dedicated to hot dog cart owners, or those that at least have threads about it. You can ask members for clarifications, good insurance providers, as well as other tips.

Getting insurance for your hot dog cart to financially protect you from unwanted situations can be tricky at first because not every insurance company can operate for all states, and not every policy has a comprehensive coverage. But eventually, you’ll have the best insurance for your hot dog cart.


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