How To Find Out How Much You Owe in Taxes

If you fail to file your taxes or pay in full you will probably receive a series of notices from the IRS. Unfortunately, the IRS will not always immediately contact delinquent taxpayers, which can lead to major issues in the future. That being said, the IRS system is begin updated to ensure that this does not happen nearly as often.  No matter what the IRS is doing you need to know how much you owe in taxes. There is no point in waiting around for them to tell you, just to find that you now owe more thanks to penalties and interest.   There are several ways to find out how much you owe the IRS.  

Step 1

Call your local IRS office and speak with a live representative. You may be a bit nervous about doing this, but it is something you do not want to overlook. The IRS may suggest that you pay your taxes in a particular way while speaking to them, but remember that you do not have to be in a rush. You have every right to wait and contact a tax professional. 

Step 2

Let a tax professional help you out. You do not have to directly contact the IRS unless you want to. Instead, you can hire a professional to do this for you. A CPA, tax attorney, or other professional can act as the middleman between you and the IRS. This is a good idea because they cannot only find out how much you owe, but can then help you decide how, when, and what to pay. 

Step 3

Use Form 4506T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return. This will show your total tax debt and payments. In other words, you will be able to see if you owe the IRS any money.  

If you think you owe the IRS money you need to find out for sure before waiting any longer. Even though they will attempt to contact you as soon as possible, this is not always something that is done in a timely manner. You would be much better off using one of the methods above to see if you have any tax debt. If you find that you do, it is important that you find out the best way to settle your IRS debt
Before you can pay what you owe the IRS you need to know for sure how much tax debt you have. The methods for doing this are detailed above. 

If you owe taxes, our tax team can help find you the best solution for you.

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