How To Find Resources in your Area for Tuition Assistance

When applying for tuition assistance, it makes sense to look for help in and around the local area where you reside or if different, the place where you will be studying. Why? There are several reasons, not the least of which is the convenience and the fact that you can make an appearance in person to explain why you are a candidate deserving of tuition assistance!

School/college aid program

When applying to your shortlist of schools or colleges, check out the information available in the tuition assistance programs they have. Nearly all educational institutions have a tuition assistance or financial aid department which disburses loans, grants or scholarships, based on their policy criteria as well as government regulations.

Department of Education at local or state government level

Visit the offices of the local or state education authorities or look up the necessary information on the official websites to see how they can help you with your quest for tuition assistance. Regional or zonal offices of the federal government may also be located in your state capital and/or in the larger cities, you can get details on their location, either online or from local directory listings.

Corporate sponsorships & grants

Some companies follow an HR policy where they sponsor or fund local students who are deserving and financially strapped, and the company employs a large number of people in that area. The financial assistance may come with a rider though… the company will want you to join them upon the completion of your education; but if you don’t mind that and the company is a respected and well-known entity then why not?

Non-profit and private organizations

Non-profit or charitable endowments with funding received from a variety of public and private resources publish details of their tuition assistance programs via regular newsletters, bulletin boards or online. Check for organizations which are located near you and follow up with an application for tuition assistance.

Banks and loan companies

Contact the local branches of banks and other financial companies to get details of student/education loan schemes or any other type of financial assistance (home equity loan, etc) available.

Finding resources for tuition assistance in your area is simple when you know where to look; this article should help you take the first steps!


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