How To Find Stocks with TeleChart

Paper-based guides were popular before online stocks analyzing software like Worden’s TeleChart came into existence. Their purpose is still the same—helping a stock trader to analyze data for making wise decisions. The big difference is that software can send out information fast. Paper-based guides can be delayed for hours by software like TeleChart can never be delayed. As a beginner, it is a good idea to use software like this in your decision-making. And among the first things you have to decide upon is the stock to trade. For that, TeleChart can still help.

Worden offers training offline and online for both beginner and experienced stock traders. It’s best to attend one of their trainings if possible. Search for their website for video tutorials. There are also other video tutorials by experienced TeleChart users on YouTube. Meanwhile, here’s how you should do to find stocks with TeleChart:

  • Open the TeleChart software. If you don’t have this software yet, then you can install the TeleChart trial version. The first 30 days are free and offers full features of the software. Included to this are your free training on how to use the software and how to trade stocks well using it.
  • Check the ticker symbols. The ticker symbols are codes used to identify companies. These are easily recognizable because of the all-caps symbol. For example, COMPQX is for Compaq, GOOG is for Google, MSFT is for Microsoft, and AAPL is for Apple.
  • Create a new watchlist. At this point, you should have finally decided on what company to assess. Click the “New” button, which can be found on the window’s upper left-hand corner. A drop-down menu will appear and from there, choose “New Watchlist.” You will be asked to name the new folder. This is where all the information about that company will be stored for your later assessment. Click on the “OK” button after renaming the new folder.
  • Search for the ticker symbol information. You will be asked to enter the company’s ticker symbol. Enter it and click “OK.” TeleChart will start looking for more information about that company afterward. Add more to the list if you wish to add more ticker symbols.
  • Ticker symbol buttons are created. TeleChart will automatically create a button for every ticker symbol that you want to be searched. This is usually put on the window’s left side. Click on the ticker symbol’s button if you wish to know more information about the specific stock.

These are only the basic steps on how to find stocks with TeleChart. As mentioned, this software is a complex piece of programming and it doesn’t just offer everything in a simple format. You can also search for stocks depending on the parameters like the growth for the first quarter or its prospective growth for the next year. TeleChart can look for specific stocks that meet your expectations.

However, it requires familiarization of the special formula before you can do this. Don’t worry because as you use TeleChart, you’ll get to know it better and better. There are also trainings out there to guide you through the process. You surely can learn more with your interest to learn and the free guides offered by Worden.


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