How To Find Swiffer WetJet Coupons

Locate Coupons to Print and Clip for Swiffer WetJet Starter Packs and Refills

The Swiffer WetJet® is among the many Swiffer products out on the market and while household cleaning products like Swiffer Dusters and Swiffer Sweepers are convenient, they're rather expensive in the long term. For instance, a Swiffer WetJet starter kit averages $25 USD, while a package of Swiffer WetJet refills is priced around $10 USD. And there's also the floor cleaning solution refills, priced around $7 USD each.

The Swiffer WetJet is much more costly than the traditional mop and bucket, but it's convenient, so this has many shoppers looking for Swiffer WetJet coupons. Unfortunately, coupons for Swiffer WetJet starter kits and refills can be hard to come by and it's rare to find printable coupons for Swiffer posted on printable coupon websites where many bargain hunters turn for coupons today. The trick to finding Swiffer coupons is knowing where to look! The following steps will lead you to coupons for these popular but expensive house cleaning products.

Step 1

Check the manufacturer's website for printable Swiffer WetJet coupons or Swiffer coupons by mail. On rare occasions, will post printable coupons for Swiffer WetJet starter kits and refills. More often, the site offers Swiffer WetJet coupons by mail for bargain hunters who provide a mailing address. In September 2009, the site was offering rewards cards – essentially a Swiffer coupon in gift card form.

Step 2

Search free printable coupon websites for Swiffer WetJet coupons. Sites like PPGazzette, and enable shoppers to search for printable coupons by product name (i.e. Swiffer WetJet, Clorox Bleach, etc.) or by category (i.e. household cleaners, laundry products, etc.) The aforementioned sites are particularly convenient in that they don't require any membership in order to print coupons from the web.

Step 3

Look for Swiffer WetJet coupons in the Sunday newspaper's section of coupon inserts. Swiffer coupons may be found in an array of different inserts, so it's important to check more than just the grocery store coupons. In addition to searching the grocery store coupon inserts, search for Swiffer WetJet coupons in drug store coupon inserts and "big box store" coupon inserts for stores like Target and WalMart. Wholesaler store websites, like BJ's Wholesale Club or Costco may also feature printable Swiffer WetJet coupons on rare occasion.

Step 4

Check the weekly store circular for Swiffer WetJet coupons when you arrive at the store to perform your shopping trip. Many stores offer coupons in a weekly circular, so it's worth a look to see if there's a coupon for the products you're seeking.

Step 5

Visit individual retailers' websites to look for printable coupons. Some retailers will offer printable coupons on their website, so it's worth visiting the website for your grocery store or a nearby drug store to see if they have any coupons available to print and if so, check for printable coupons for Swiffer WetJet. Even online sale circular information can be helpful, as this may provide you with a way to save money on Swiffer WetJet starter packs and/or refills without the need for a coupon.

In addition, check with your retailer to ensure the store accepts printable coupons. Some stores will not accept coupons printed from the Internet as a result of problems with counterfeit coupons.

Also, to save time and gas money, find a store that accepts competitors' coupons. This way, you can use Swiffer WetJet coupons for store A at store B, thereby enabling you to complete all your shopping at one location while still saving money with coupons.
And when you do find Swiffer coupons for a product you use, take advantage of the coupon, even if you still have plenty of Swiffer refills at home. You'll use up the refill pads and cleaning solution eventually and when you finally run out, you'll have the appropriate Swiffer refills on hand and ready to go – Swiffer refills that you saved money on since you used an available coupon.


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