How To Find the Top 10 Online Service Rewards Programs

For an avid online surfer, getting freebies and rewards can be a delight. This type of online service builds up loyalty and appeal among customers. There are many online service rewards programs available, and to give you an overview of the benefits of joining them, here are the top 10 online programs you can try and choose from (in no particular order).

  • MyPoints - This service program started as part of an online networking site called They branched out to online rewards when advertisers started to give rewards, based on a point system. Customers can log in to give reviews, patronize the products and complete online surveys, in exchange for points.
  • e-Rewards - This program is survey-based. A member is required to register and have an account to start with. Members can then build up a profile and the affiliated companies with e-Rewards will tap members to answer surveys. e-Rewards money can then be cashed online through their redemption area where a member can choose from a variety of options for how to get the rewards.
  • eBates - This rewards program provides an online view for customers that have joined eBates to shop with stores online and get eBates in forms of checks mailed to the member. It is a commission-based program, which also has a referral system in which members can recruit others. eBates pays out members quarterly.
  • Big Crumbs - This is one-stop online store aimed to provide online fun while shopping and earning money. Members can shop and refer people to join the Big Crumbs community. What makes this system appealing is the monthly payout.
  • Jackpot Rewards - This program promotes something similar to an online arcade, which offers a jackpot at stake weekly. However, it also puts in the mix of having prizes and rewards in form of discounts when customers shop online.
  • Cash Back To You - A UK based “shopbot” with more than 100 online partner stores to choose from, this rewards program boasts of free cash, discount coupons and exclusive offers for members. They also provide a free bonus upon registration.
  • All Bookstores - For book lovers who are also smart shoppers, this is a good membership program, which offers a book-based online service discount system. All Bookstores is a program connected with dozens of online bookstores, and the system aims to give members the best deals for online book purchases. Members can even compare prices to determine which source can give the best deal.
  • Thank You - With any Citibank credit card, members can earn points in the Thank You program set up especially for frequent card users. The reward system is based on the dollar amount spent, which has a corresponding point system. Rewards vary from home and garden appliances, to sporting and outdoors equipment and more.
  • Free Ride - This rewards program has been available for the past decade, and has given its customers trips around the world, as well as discounts and cash rebates. This is a survey-based system.
  • Membership Rewards - This is a loyalty based program run by the American Express card. It is a generous point system that offers worldwide perks and discounts. Travel discounts are one of the frequently redeemed items used by happy clients.

These rewards programs can give you the best deal when purchasing items online or using your card. These can go a long way, especially for consumers out to stretch each dollar.


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