How To Find Your State Insurance Commissioner

In the United States there are State Insurance Commissioners elected or appointed for every state to run the State's Department of Insurance.  If appointed, it is usually by the governor or in some cases such as in California it is an elected post voted into position by the people of the State.  In some states this office is part of the division of insurance while in some states this office is combined with the department for commerce and department of fire and safety.

The Department of Insurance is tasked with the responsibility of protecting interests of consumers within the state and is very often highly involved in administering a very large portion of a state's economy.  In some states it is also known as the Office of the State Insurance Commissioner.  This office is also responsible to administer, regulate and maintain a fair, open and equitable insurance regime within the state and protect the rights of the consumers.

To be a State Insurance Commissioner one is required to be of high moral and pecuniary integrity; possess established and renowned track record of able and capable administration; planning and implementation, having run successful projects; having a genuine working interest in humanitarian and social causes.  Very often, extremely successful businessmen, statesmen, politicians and lawyers make it to the post of State Insurance Commissioner since they possess most of the requisite abilities to successfully conduct the job.

Now, how does one find the Insurance Commissioner of your State?  It is quite simple actually.  Using the Internet, search engines such as Google, one would look up listings of state level government departments either on the state's website such as for the State of Washington or for the State of California - every state in the United States of America has a state level website that provides links to almost all and most certainly the important government departments, their procedures, rules, regulations, forms and contact information for assistance and answers to frequently asked questions.  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners maintains a website - which contains hyper links to all state insurance department web sites.

If you do not find a link for Office of the State Insurance Commissioner easily on the state web portal, try initiating a search through the search option.  This should definitely lead you to the web site for the state insurance commissioner.

If you do not have ready access to the Internet you could try calling the local yellow pages or ask-me assistance service who will certainly have the contact information for the State Insurance Commissioner's office.

All the state insurance commissioner's offices have a 1-800 number to call which is cost-effective.  Keep trying if you find the lines busy sometimes.  These 1-800 numbers are listed online on the Internet as well.

As always, it is advisable to have your queries prepared and ready in advance before making contact with the State Insurance Commissioner's office.


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