How To Get Cash from an ATM

Getting cash from an ATM is a pretty simple process.  There are many reasons you might want to get cash from an ATM.  An ATM provides you with quick access to your money that is stored in another location like a bank account or on a prepaid debit card account.

The most popular reason to get cash from an ATM is to get money out of a typical bank account.  ATMs are extremely helpful because they are always open. Most banks only have hours of 9am – 5 pm or even less than that from time to time.  You can retrieve money from some ATMs at 2am in the morning.

It might not be the safest time to retrieve money from an ATM, but in an emergency you might need this convenience.  Another reason that ATMs are great is that sometimes they can help you avoid bank lines.  If all you really need to do is get money out of your bank account, then you can carry out this task at an ATM.

Nowadays prepaid debit cards with credit card logos are extremely popular.  They can be used to purchase things online and over the phone and they can be used to shop at any store that accepts the credit card carrier.  You reload them with money by attaching your employer’s direct deposit to them or, by purchasing reload certificates from store merchants.  You are then issued a code.

You can then call or go online to activate the new money on your card.  Sometimes people will want to retrieve the cash that is currently on their reloadable card.  In order to do this they have to visit an ATM.

Getting money from an ATM for these purposes is simple.  First you need to know your PIN number.  You are asked to create a PIN number when you are issued your bank card.  Remember it.  If you have a reloadable card, you may have to go online and create a PIN number or call the service number and have them attach the PIN number you want onto your card.

Now insert the card in the machine following the direction of the card image on the machine.  Next it will ask you for your PIN number.  Enter the number and follow the prompts.  You might have to hit a button that says ENTER after you put in the information.  It just depends on the machine.  Many ATMs will ask you if it’s okay to charge you a fee.  If you are using the ATM at your bank, you won’t have to pay a fee.  But if you’re not you might have to pay a fee from $2-$10.  If you don’t pay it, you won’t get your money.  So the choice is yours.

Next tell the ATM how much money you want.  It usually has to be in $10 or $20 increments.  Follow the prompts and receive your money.  Make sure you don’t leave your card in the machine.

Try to use the ATM in a safe public place at a safe time of day.  Try to make sure you know what’s going on all around you at all times.  Some criminals try to rob people after they’ve gotten money from ATMs.


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