How To Get Free Debt Consolidation

With the unemployment rate at the highest it has ever been, having too much debt is a problem for thousands of people.  Jobs are harder to get and more people have to resort to unemployment and government assistance as a source of income.  Consolidating debt would be one way to help lower monthly costs and make managing bills easier when times are tough.

Debt consolidation does not have to be expensive.  There are a number of good reputable companies that offer free debt consolidation.  There is a large number of debt consolidation companies available.  They have people who are trained and willing to help with debt consolidation for no fees.

The first step that needs to be done is to figure out how much debt you need to consolidate.  This will take a little bit of time.  Collect all of the bills for the month.  Sit down with a note pad and list all of the debt that is owed.  Call and get all of the payoff balances on all of the debt that is owed.  Having all of the balances readily available will make dealing with the debt consolidation company easier.

Now it is time to find a free debt consolidation company.  The Internet is a great place to find a debt consolidation company.  Try going to any popular search engine and just simply type in free debt consolidation.  It is amazing the number of free companies that are available to deal with.  Have a note pad handy to write down some of the websites that you are interested in calling.  Write down the phone number to call and name of the company on the pad.  Spend some time reviewing all of the terms and conditions for several different companies.  It is always a good idea to look at several companies instead of just going with the first company that you Google.

Be sure to have a couple of hours to sit and call some of the debt consolidation companies.  Do not give out any social security numbers or personal information on the first call.  The first call is to simply get all of the facts about how the company works.  Once all of the information is gathered then an informative decision can be made about the correct free debt company to use.  With proper planning and research, the perfect free debt consolidation company will be easy to find.


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