How To Get Free Money Advice

The current global recession has hit everyone in some form.  Savings have dipped considerably as individuals try their best to get out of debt.  If you find yourself in a financially challenging situation, there is no shortage of free money advice out there.

You don’t exactly need to hire a financial adviser to get money managing tips advice and information.  There are many books, magazines and Internet sites that give free saving advice, consumer advice and other forms of financial advice.  While watching television or listening to the radio, you can already find great advice on how to handle your finances.  News shows, talk shows and magazine shows invite experts to give their opinion on the best money saver options to follow.

To get free money advice, the easiest way is to go online.  There are many websites that exist to guide individuals in financial management.  Here are just some of the many sites where you can get free money advice:

1.    Moneysmartz.  This site makes it possible for you to find whatever information you need regarding money and financial management.  It is a one-stop site where you can find the best websites offering free financial advice.  The Moneysmartz Guides is organized according to the different personal finance categories.  Here you can find specially handpicked websites as well as blogs relating to:

  • Banking and Credit
  • Investing and Economics
  • Money Management and Planning
  • Financial Tools
  • Financial Milestones
  • Tax and Accounting
  • Financial and Related Services

2.    Kiplinger Online. Based in Washington, D.C., Kiplinger is a publisher of business forecasts as well as personal finance advice.  Their online website will overwhelm you with information about anything and everything a money consumer needs to know about.  They have a whole range of financial tools that you can use for free.  The site also contains quizzes and slide shows related to managing finances.  Of course the site is packed with a whole gamut of money advice, all for free! Kiplinger also has various print, audio, video and software products related to finance.

3.    CNN/Money. The editors of CNN and Money Magazine teamed up to come up with a comprehensive site covering money management.  It offers practical personal money advice, financial tools and calculators, business news, stock quotes, and investment tips, among others.  They have a special step-by-step guide aimed at gaining control of your finances that they aptly call Money 101.

4. - Finance.  A heavyweight in providing financial information in print is Forbes Magazine.  Their official website features articles that were published in their magazine related to the world of finance and personal financial planning.

5.    The Motley Fool. This entertaining site aims to “Educate, Amuse and Enrich” its’ users when it comes to the area of finances.  Motley Fool offers a lot of money advice especially on investing and retirement planning.

There is definitely no shortage of free money advice.  You can also get free professional money advice from:

  • Your bank
  • Your credit card company
  • Other financial institutions you are involved with like credit unions, mortgage firms, pension companies and more

When you feel at a loss and in need of money advice, don’t be afraid to ask for it or look for information online.  It is never too late to find ways to help you with your financial worries.   Take full advantage of the endless resources all aimed at keeping your finances on the positive side.  After all, the advice is free!


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