How To Get Help Paying your Light Bill

Utility bills and other expenses can add a toll on a person’s life, especially if the bills pile up on a specific day of the month. The fact that these needs are essential for you to function well adds a stress to pay these bills on time and to prevent disconnection.

If you’re having difficulty paying your light bill and you’re afraid to be served a disconnection notice or you already have a disconnection notice, here are the steps to get help for it.

  • Look for the Salvation Army. Usually, there are Salvation Armies in every city. They may help you in paying your overdue bills so that you can prevent disconnection. Normally though, you’ll need to have proof of the disconnection notice before they start to intervene. Take note that they won’t send you the money to pay for the bill. Rather, they’ll contact your Electric Company and make arrangements with them to pay your bills.
  • Seek out the local social services. Visit your local department of social services. If they aren’t able to help you themselves, they may give you referrals or recommendations of other agencies that you can go to for help. Other sources of help are the Community Action Council and the Department of Job and Family Services.
  • Look for available energy projects. There are a lot of government programs that can help you pay your light bill. For instance, if you reside in California, you can apply for the California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE). If your current household number and income meets their eligibility requirements, you may receive a twenty percent discount on your bill. Likewise, you can also have a free energy audit that allows you to get free upgrades for energy conservation.
  • Get help from the church. Like the Salvation Army, local churches will extend a hand to keep you from getting your electricity and light disconnected.
  • Contact the Community Action Council. The local community action council usually extends help for paying your light or gas bills. If you’re really unable to continuously pay for the expense, they may help put you in a Percentage Income Plan (PIP). This means that you’ll only pay a specific part of your usual light expense depending on the total monthly income of your household.
  • Check out available mandated discounts. If you are already on a Social Security Income or on a disable status, your payments for your monthly gas, electric or light bills will be lowered as well.
  • Contact your electric company. Since they are the ones who won’t benefit from any disconnection, they will most likely provide help in looking for agencies and other institutions that can help. They may also help enroll you with community funded emergency payment assistance programs or shareholder programs so you can get cash assistance in offsetting the cost of cooling or heating your home –usual causes for increased electric and light bill.

It’s easy to be discouraged when you feel that you don’t have the necessary means to pay for your expenses. But remember that there are a lot of help available out there from peoples or organizations that are willing to aid you in settling expenses like your light bill.


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