How To Get High Dollar Amount Manufacturer Coupons

Have you ever wondered how to get items with big discounts? The answer will come from simple finding and reading. Although we don’t see high dollar coupons as often as we used to, they are still available. You just need to be very patient.

Here are some tips on how to get them.

  1. Prepare the stuff that you need like magazines, newspapers and the Internet access as your reference. You also need to prepare a pen and a clean sheet of paper, where you can write a list of products, and a printer, in case you need to print something or a USB drive, in case you do not have any printer or it is out of ink. You will need these things because high dollar coupons come from different sources, such as magazines and the Internet.
  2. Write down all the products that you use daily or regularly and make sure that the list should include the actual brand name like Irish Spring soap rather than writing only the word soap. You need to be specific so that you won’t be confused because if you write soap only, you might confuse it with detergent soap. It is also recommended that you walk around your house and do an ocular survey so as not to miss any products.
  3. After creating the list that you need, jot down all the customer care/service numbers of the products which are usually written at the back of the container or on the box. You don’t have to call all the manufacturers in one day, it could be very time consuming and exhausting. Instead, pick at least ten numbers from your list and you can call the remaining numbers the next day.  After choosing, call the manufacturers one by one and inquire about their discount coupons. If you want to, you can divide the tasks with your friends and then share information, that way you can save your time and energy and you can do other task.
  4. When you have finished calling the customer care service, you can begin referring to the Internet. Visit the website addresses of your chosen products and sign up for any updates or newsletters.  That way, they can send you mails if they have any promos or discount coupons. You can also visit eBay, which offers a wide variety of discount coupons and you can also search specifically for the products that you want.
  5. If the manufacturers have sent you discount coupons, print it in a clean sheet of paper.
  6. And the last and the easiest way to avail high dollar coupons are through magazines and newspapers. There are usually discount coupons inserted inside. To save money, you can ask for magazines or newspapers from your friends or neighbors, which they do not use anymore.

Getting products with half their price off is not as hard as you think. You just need patience, creativity, effort and resourcefulness to get those high dollar amount coupons. And really, it’s worth it. 


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