How To Get Insurance for Rental Halls

If you're planning an event, whether it is a wedding reception, a graduation party, or a family reunion, you will most likely want to rent a location at which to hold your festivities.

Many locations that provide private rooms or party facilities will require that you provide proof of insurance in case anything goes wrong during your event.

If you are putting on an event which is related to your business, call your existing agent for your business owner's package or general liability policy; he or she should be able to provide an endorsement or a special policy to cover the event.  Liquor liability may also be needed, but as long as you're not charging attendees for drinks, coverage may be available under your regular policy.

If you're a private person seeking to rent a location, you will need to get special coverage for the event.  There are some specific programs for special events, which you can usually find through online searches.  Your homeowners or auto insurance agent is not likely to know about these specialty programs because he or she cannot access them for you.  Websites such as provide coverage for the location, as well as coverage for event cancellation and other things that can go wrong.

If you don't have an event which qualifies for one of these programs, you will need to find an agent who has access to appropriate insurance companies.  The rental hall may be able to refer you to their agent, or your homeowners or auto agent may also write commercial liability or may have a colleague who does.

Once you have located an agent who can help you, he or she will ask you to complete an application requesting the date(s) of the event, the number of expected attendees and so on.  The question of liquor may come up again, and that may need to be written as a separate policy. The rental hall owner may require that they be named as Additional Insured, which may cost a little extra.

Once you have a quote for your special event insurance, you will make a check out to the agent, most likely for the entire premium.  The policy is good for such a short time, that there is rarely any kind of payment plan available.  The agent will issue you a Certificate of Insurance that you can take to the rental hall owner, and you will be ready to hold your event.


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