How To Get Pizza Coupons

Pizza delivery is one of the most convenient and inexpensive meals for your family. If you are looking to save even more on this night out, consider getting coupons that help you save. There are several ways to get pizza coupons so follow these steps and you should be able to collect coupons for whenever you need them.

  1. Save the coupons from your most recent order. In most cases you will get coupons whenever you order from your local pizza delivery establishment. Cut them off the box and save the coupons for future use.
  2. Check your local pizza parlor. If you have a preferred pizza place, contact them first looking for coupons. Many delivery places have websites that offer coupons or specials. Check for coupons offered for pick up as well as delivery. Some pizza parlors offer a big discount when you don't require a delivery driver.
  3. Read the newspaper and mail circulars. Check your local paper and any junk mail that fills your mailbox. Often mixed in with the junk are local advertisements that will include coupons for pizza places in your local area. Before you toss those pages into the recycling bin, check for savings and coupons.
  4. Open the phone book. An old fashioned phone book is another place to hunt for a pizza coupon. Check both the restaurant listing when you are hunting the phone number to call the pizza place as well as any special coupon sections. Some phone books have a section in the front or near the restaurant section for special coupons. Be sure to check the expiration dates on these coupons though, since many people keep phone books for several years.
  5. Try a Google search. Depending upon which pizza parlor you prefer, there may be coupons available online. If you prefer Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns or another large, national chain, there is a good chance you can find coupons online at sites like or

Indulging in a slice on a Friday night in front of the television, or Sunday afternoon while watching the game is almost an American pastime. If you prefer to save a little money by using a coupon whenever you order your pie, then consider one of these steps for obtaining quality coupons when you need them.


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