How To Get Public Liability Insurance Quote

When running a business, you will always want to cover all the bases. That is why getting insurance to cover all types of disasters is critical. One such insurance policy that you should never neglect is the public liability insurance policy. This insurance policy actually provide you coverage should your business engage in certain activities that may harm or injure any member of the public or any third party asset that you damage during the course of your business or any transaction related to your business. Obviously, the whole process of purchasing the policy will start with the gathering of quotes from different insurance companies. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

  • Prepare the information. Before even shopping around and requesting for quotes, you will need certain information about your business prepared. The insurance company will require these snippets about your business in order to prepare and submit an accurate and realistic quote to you. Typically, you will need information on a number of things. For starters, you will need to supply the nature of your business, the number of people employed, the date of your startup, the history of your business including years of experience in the industry, the history of your insurance claims, and the amount of coverage you will need. Prepare all these details and keep it handy when shopping around. This will enable the insurance company to evaluate the risks involved thus, deriving a realistic and accurate quote for your business.
  • Search for insurance providers. Use the Internet to find the best and brightest when it comes to insurance. Now, bear in mind that not all insurance companies will offer public liability insurance however, most of the big guys will do. To find them, execute a quick search on Google with the keywords “public liability insurance”. This search alone should garner you a couple thousand hits some of which are companies offering this particular type of policy. Do your research and take note of each option’s contact information.
  • Request for a quote. Contact each company you researched on either via phone or email. Request to speak with an insurance agent or representative and discuss your need. Tell him that you need a quote for public liability insurance. At this point, the agent will then request for the information you prepared previously. Either send it to him via email or dictate the info over the phone. Give him a few days to work on the quote. He will then submit it with an accurate costing for the policy. Repeat the process with the other options you research on.

Make sure that you delve a little deeper by asking about other fees related to the policy such as processing fees and the like. Some companies may charge it while others may not. In any case, wait for the quotes to be submitted and start comparing. If possible, do a little due diligence by doing a background check on the company to see if they can provide the quality of service you are looking for. In the end, go with the best deal which will be based on cost, coverage, and ease of filing claims.


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