How To Get the Best Airline Credit Card Reward Programs

An airlines credit card is one of the most attractive and cost-saving offers for frequent flyers. With these cards, customers are given rebates, discounts, promos, free flights, free hotel stay and low interest rates. One could even win one of those trips to Hawaii or one of those tour-around-the-world prizes. With the recession currently going on, though, it will be hard to determine which one will last and which one will stay. Here is an approved list to get started. The good news is that all of these credit cards bring you a secure connection online.

  1. Capital One® No Hassle MilesSM Rewards - This air miles credit card from MasterCard® provides a rebate of one mile for every dollar when $1,000 is purchased within one month, and two miles for over $1,000. The miles do not expire at all and there are no boundaries as to the number of miles that can be achieved. There's no fee to pay for every year and there is no APR percentage on all items bought up to May 2010. Originally a bank-buy card, it can now be used for purchasing airline tickets as well. This mileage credit card is best used when one frequently buys things with credit, when one doesn't have any preference for any airline (whether it's airlines: Frontier, Continental or at the Hawaiian, Northwest, etc.) and when one doesn't mind flying in the economy class. According to Ed Perkins, a nationally recognized travel writer, this is the most generous card for frequent (and thrifty) flyers.
  2. United Mileage Plus Select Visa Card - United has partnered with Visa to achieve the best airway credit card. There is the reasonable yearly fee of $130. It also offers three times the mileage when paying for airline tickets, etc. with United or double for United's associate partners. Being a credit card itself, you may also earn mileage by buying gas, home improvement items, food and eating out in selected food chains across the country. The frequent flyer may be rewarded up to 5,000 miles annually. Compared to the United Mileage Plus Access Visa Card and the United Mileage Plus Club Visa Card, which are other benefits by Visa, this card has the lowest annual fee. The other cards though may have more credit card rewards. The first card (Plus Access) for example, may allow up to 10,000 miles with an opportunity to gain an elite status as well as passes to a Red Carpet Club airport lounge plus an extra room in the economy section.
  3. Citi PremierPass® Card - Elite Level - Citibank claims to have the only card that allows customers to earn points for every item bought or paid for with the Citibank card. A customer may gain 2 points for every item on groceries, for gas, prescription drugs, for commuting with buses, etc; and every 1 point for every airline ticket bought by the owner for herself/himself as well as for others. The card holder may even enjoy 20,000 points free after a total of $600 after three months. Other rewards also include getting a free ticket for every selected ticket bought. Annual fee-wise, this card has the lowest rate of the three cards included here: only $75!

There may be numerous cards on the market right now. Select an airlines credit card that's suited for your lifestyle and for your wallet. With these credit cards, you can pay less and enjoy more.


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