How To Get Triple AAA Credit Fast

Having bad credit history can really be a pain. In times of dire circumstance, it will be tough to acquire the loan you need if your credit rating is way down. Normally, you can have this repaired by a third party through certain processes but sometimes these options can prove fatal to your credit rating. To get your credit rating back to triple AAA status, here are some ingenious loopholes in the system that you can enact by yourself.

  1. Deposit some cash into a bank. The first step is to bring some cash into a bank and open a small savings account. A measly amount like $300 bucks will likely do the trick. Make sure that you open a savings account. Wait for a couple of days for the new account to post.
  2. Get a loan from the bank. Once your new savings account is posted, go back to the bank and apply for a $300 loan. This will normally be approved without the bank checking your credit rating since you have a savings account with them to cover the loan in case you don’t repay it. Of course, you will have to sign a loan contract that will allow the bank to automatically debit your savings account if the loan is not repaid within the agreed timeframe.
  3. Deposit into another bank. Once you get the $300 loan from the first bank, go to another bank and repeat the same process. Open a savings account with the $300 bucks, wait out a few days for the new account to be posted, and apply for another $300 loan. It is important to get a better payment plan than what was given to you at the first bank.
  4. Repeat the same process for the third bank. As soon as you get the $300 loan from the 2nd bank, proceed to a third bank and repeat the same process. Again, it would be great if you could get an even better payment plan for the loan approved here.
  5. Repay the loans. Once you have loans in all three banks and have $300 in your pocket, pay the scheduled first month loan repayment to each bank. Keep repaying the loan on all banks coinciding with the agreed schedule. If you can repay the loans earlier, this would definitely be better. Once you complete all the payments to all 3 banks, you credit rating should become triple AAA after a few days.
  6. Use a friend with a triple AAA credit rating. Another way to get your credit rating up quickly is by asking one of your friends with an exceptional credit history to add you on his credit card as an extension. Once you receive the credit card in the mail, cut it up or give it back to him. After a few days after you receive the credit card, you should be able to check your credit rating and see it back to triple AAA status. This is because your friend’s rating has now been added to yours.

These are all loopholes in the system. If you went with the 3 bank loan option, make sure that all 3 banks file their reports to the same credit bureau.


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