How To Get Your Personal Credit Score

Knowing your personal credit score is integral to getting easy personal loans or company credit. Any credit expert you speak with before applying for instant personal loans will advise you to pull your personal credit history and personal credit score. This is so you know what needs to change about your personal credit score in order to get a guaranteed personal loan.

Adverse items on your personal credit report will lessen your ability to receive favorable personal loans. For example, if you have any delinquent accounts, late payments or items sent to collection, your chances of getting decent company credit or instant personal loans decreases. But guess what? Even if there are inaccurate items on your credit report, it affects your personal credit score.

But don't worry. Errors on your personal credit report are actually better than accurate negative items. Why? Because you can fix them. Credit experts can help you appeal inaccurate items - whether they are due to a clerical error, an oversight by your credit card issuer or lender or identity theft. Once you resolve the issues on your credit report, your personal credit score will instantly rise, meaning you are eligible for more instant personal loans. But if you don't check, you'll never know.

Contrary to popular belief, you can't get your personal credit score for free. Federal law guarantees you three free credit reports each year, but this is different from your personal credit score. Your personal credit score is actually calculated from your personal credit history by each of the credit reporting bureaus. There are two common formulas to for your personal credit score: VantageScore and FICO. Your FICO score is the most common and can be purchased directly from the Fair Isaac Corporation or TransUnion or Equifax. Experian sells VantageScore.

But the best way to get a personal credit score is to get it from a credit expert. Personal credit experts help you get easy personal loans by working to fix your credit history. As part of this, most credit experts can offer you consultation packages that allow you to receive a personal credit score for free or for deep discounts. The money you will save by reviewing your credit history and improving your personal credit score far outweighs the relatively minimal fees that credit experts charge.

The first step to getting guaranteed personal loans is to review your personal credit score. This is something that the average consumer does not seek out - and that's why it will give you an edge when seeking easy personal loans. Because there are items in our past that we forget to rectify or simply weren't our fault, it's our duty to review our credit history and chase up on any inaccuracies.


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