How To Invest in Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the investor’s possible gold mine! Even men may find something to be happy about in frequenting the stores of DeBeers, Graff, Asprey and Cartier. Some critics say that diamonds may not make stable investments. But beyond being extra bling for the body, you might find the returns of this gem’s industry favorable for your investment portfolio. Here are the steps in investing in diamonds.

  • Startup Capital. The most challenging thing you ought to hurdle is the need for funds that will help you start with the diamond investments. You need to have visions by the hundreds of thousands to be able to pull it off. Try to go for safe and quick ways to generate the necessary capital for your diamond investments. This way, you will not have to get tied up. The diamonds are always there so take your time in getting all the startup capital you need. Part of the capital is also knowing as much as you can about diamonds, not just the monetary aspect.
  • Value Added Tax. Diamonds have value added tax, depending on your location. European countries and other developed countries are all clear in their instructions on the value added tax for diamond sale. So make sure you are familiar with them before you start to invest.
  • Style. Most of the time, the good direct investment for diamonds are those that are natural and relatively small. Though huge and pricey diamonds are rare and expensive, you might have a hard time reselling them especially if you are still a beginner and in the process of getting your network setup.
  • Certification. The Gemological Institute of America and other internationally acclaimed gem institutes give certification that the gem is the real deal and not just a substandard pick of a diamond mine. It is best if you are able to get the best in the diamond industry, and that means certified to be such by reputed diamond experts.
  • Storage. Storage is also quite delicate, as you cannot place diamonds side by side. Make sure you have a compartment for each and clean the diamond regularly. Though there are fancy jewelry, a more secure way to store them is to put them in a place where burglars won’t suspect a diamond to be in.
  • Updates. Get news about your gem by regularly checking out news for diamonds such as Diamond Investing News. This will help you make sound decisions on your investments for the future.

Diamond investments are both an art and a financial instrument. You will surely be satisfied with the good things that come after working with diamonds really well. If you are not interested in dealing directly with diamonds that are finished, you can try investing in diamond mining companies. Just make sure you did not just invest in diamonds, but also take time to use other financial instruments that may not be as elegant as diamonds but just as good in giving you good income.


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