How To Invest in High Yield Corporate Bonds

High yield corporate bonds, also known as junk bonds or below-investment grade, are those bonds issued by company that have low credit ratings. This type of bond is very risky as compared to other types. However, with proper knowledge and execution, investing in high yield corporate bonds can bring you high investment returns. The following procedure will guide you on the process of understanding and investing in high yield corporate bonds.

  • Understand high yield corporate bonds. In general, all type of bonds is considered as debt securities issued by companies in order to raise money for different purposes. Now, high yield corporate bond is a type of bond that did not qualify for investment-grade ratings. This rating is issued by credit rating agencies, wherein they evaluate the company based on their capacity to pay interest and principal on time. Simply put, high yield corporate bonds have low investment-grade ratings because one or more of the leading credit ratings agencies believe that the company who issued the bond do not have the capacity to pay its investors. This is the reason why this type of bond attracts investors. Since it has a low investment-grade rating, they tend to pay high interest rate in order to attract investors.
  • Find the right corporate bond. The best way to earn high investment return in high yield corporate bonds is to search for a safe company that issues such bond. You can do this by searching for a high yield bond that has a mutual fund. You can say that it is safe to invest to these companies because having a mutual fund means that a mutual fund manager had picked the company because of their fund.
  • Analyze the market environment. Another way to know that it is safe to invest in a high yield bond is to learn everything you can about the company that issued it. Study the market. If the bond is issued during economic recovery period, then it is safe to invest in the bond. However, if the economy is unbalanced, you better think twice before investing in high yield corporate bonds.
Knowing the right time to invest in high yield corporate bonds is very important. The best way to know this is to check the economic status. When the economy is doing badly, many companies tend to issue such bonds in order to raise funds. And this is the best time to invest.
  • Open a brokerage account to purchase high yield corporate bonds. Now that you know how high yield corporate bonds work, you need to have a brokerage account in order to invest in such bond. Try opening an account in Fidelity, eTrade or TD Ameritrade. Their bond section will give you a list of high yield corporate bonds.

These are the things you should do if you want to learn more about investing in high yield corporate bonds. Always keep in mind that investing in this type of bond can be a lot of risk. You need to learn how investing in high yield corporate bonds work if you want to have a high investment returns. Learn how to compare companies that offers such bond. This way, you will be able to assess which bond makes a good investment and which is not.


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