How To Invest in Target Corporation

The Dayton Dry Goods Company was established in 1902 in Minneapolis and “Target” was a concept store, first created in 1962 by the former. Eventually, the company was renamed as Target Corporation in 2000 and is today only second to Wal-Mart in the discounted consumer goods segment.

Recent news indicates that Target Corporation has had a good third quarter in 2009, and if you are looking for ways to invest in Target, then there’s no time like the present! This article discusses some methods by which you can invest in Target Corporation.

Latest financial updates
If you subscribe to any financial newsletter or regularly follow financial newspapers, magazines and journals, make it a point to find out the latest financial updates on the company and whatever relevant information you can find, both online as well as offline.

Latest company information
There are two ways of getting this information – from the company directly or through investment-based websites which provide information on stock picks, etc. Target Corporation’s website has a full section devoted to investors, where you can get complete information which is focused towards investors.

The following is a brief summary of the information available for investors on the Target website:

  1. Stock information – historical data, charts, daily movements, etc.
  2. Annual reports, summary of financial data, estimated earnings, etc.
  3. Services provided to investors.

Investment basics
You can invest in Target Corporation through a brokerage service, or the company’s Direct Investment (DI) program. You can also request information on the company, including brochures, etc to be mailed to you or send in e-format to your email address.

The DI program is managed by Mellon Investors Services, who act as agents for the transfer of shares for both current and potential investors. Visit their website to purchase common stock in Target Corporation (NYSE symbol TGT).

Other resources
For in-depth information, opinions and advice on investing in Target Corporation, the following resources are quite helpful to the average potential investor:

There is no dearth of information available once you decide to invest in Target Corporation. Do your research thoroughly and follow the tips provided in this article to making your way as an investor in Target Corporation.


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