How To Keep Vehicle Mileage Tax Records

It is very simple to learn how to keep vehicle mileage tax records. You can write the mileage down on paper, or you can record your mileage with a video camera or voice recorder. You can also take still digital photos of the odometer if you would like to.

If you are using the vehicle for business purposes, you can write the date down that you start to use the vehicle.  You can write how many miles per month that you use for the vehicle and write down the odometer reading to show how many miles that you have driven. This makes it very easy to calculate how many miles you have driven each month. At the end of twelve months, you will know how many miles that you have driven for the year. Every time that you use your vehicle for business, you can write down how many miles that you travel and where to. You can log it in a notebook or you can write a memo on your palm pilot or cell phone. Write the date next to the miles traveled.

You can also keep gas receipts if you want to write off gas on your tax return. You can also save receipts of oil changes and car repairs for the same purposes. At the end of each year, you should know exactly how many miles have driven for business use. This will make it easy to find the numbers when you need to prepare the tax return that you are working on.

Before you start your business day, you can write down the odometer reading on a piece of notebook paper or you can take a digital photo for your records. You can print the digital photos if you would like to for an accurate reading. At the end of the day, you can write down the odometer reading in your notebook and you can also take a digital photograph if you would like to. You can log your weekly miles driven and then your monthly miles driven at the end of the month. You will be able to see how many miles you drive each month for business purposes.

This will be used as proof when you are preparing your taxes. You can save money on your income tax return by recording this information so it is a good idea to keep the best records possible. You can also keep a database of this information on your computer for your records. Excel is a good program that you can save your information to. You can easily calculate the total miles driven with this easy to use program and then print a copy for your records.


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