How To Know Where I Can Donate Plasma for Money

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There are a lot of different reasons a person might consider donating plasma for money.  Not only can it put a few extra bucks in your pocket, the plasma can be used for many important medical procedures.  While not every city has a plasma donation center, most metropolitan areas have at least one or two.  If you know somebody who has donated plasma for money before, then they can help you with what you need to know.  Otherwise, finding a place where you are able to donate plasma can take a bit of time and effort, and knowing what to do can make things simpler, and save you some time.

Many plasma donation centers don't spend much money on advertising in order to keep their costs low.  Sometimes, centers will put up fliers on college campuses to tell the students places they can go to donate their plasma for money, but other than that, you'll have to find a plasma donation center on your own.  First, there's the simple and classic option of the yellow pages in the phone book.  Places that offer money for plasma donations are usually listed under “Blood Blanks” along with those places that take whole blood donations.  Searching the internet can also be helpful in locating a plasma donation center.  Sites like and have searchable databases that will help you find a nearby center where you can donate plasma for money.

If your search still has yet to turn up any results, there are a few other options available to you.  Hospitals have the names and addresses of plasma donation centers, so calling your local healthcare centers can help.  Also, a significant portion of people who donate plasma for money include college students and the homeless.  Asking around those groups can sometimes find someone else who donates plasma for money, and he or she can also tell you a little more about the whole process.

Once you find a plasma donation center, you'll want to give them a call before going down.  You'll want to make sure you understand their guidelines and policies before you take the time out of your day.  There will be a brief exam and some paper work, so your first visit will probably take two or three hours.  Subsequent plasma donation visits will only about half an hour for the second visit, assuming the wait isn't too long.  Have a normal-sized meal a couple of hours before you go and drink lots of water, and you should be all set.  You can normally donate twice a week, so just relax and remind yourself that your plasma donation is helping people in addition to putting some extra money in your pocket!


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