How To Layaway Store Items

When in the market to purchase new items and money is short, the best thing to do is to put the items on layaway. When putting store items on layaway, there is no need to pay the full amount at one time. The idea is to pay over time for the amount of time that is allowed. Each store has their own rules on how long store items can be put on layaway. Also, the amount they require every two weeks or month varies as well.

  1. The first thing to do is ask the manager in charge of layaway store items if there is a limit on how much is needed to put an item on layaway and how much the deposit will be. If there is a limit then decide what you would like to put on layaway. It is good to have a calculator, if you want to stay within the minimum. If the store does not have a limit on how much can be put on layaway, then pick the items that you need and start the layaway process.
  2. Now, you can browse around the store and look to see what you would like to place on layaway. Once the items are selected, then they are taken to the section of the store that handles layaways.
  3. The manager or layaway department will ring up the total of your purchases and tell you what the total is. He or she will then get all of your information, such as name, address, and telephone number. They need this information, so they will know where and who to call, if needed.
  4. The cashier then will look to see how much your down payment is and how many payments are required for the items. The person that is waiting on you will also let you know when the payments are due. Payments can range from every two weeks to monthly.
  5. The store will hand you a layaway ticket listing all of the items that were put on layaway and how much is required, such as each month, every two weeks, or once a week. The ticket will have your personal information listed as well. This ticket is important to keep when going to make a payment and picking up items on layaway.
  6. The cashier that is waiting on you will explain your payments to you, which should be posted on the ticket. They should also explain their refund policy when a person decides that they don't want the item on layaway anymore.
  7. When a payment is not made, the item is usually sent back down to the floor for restocking. Once the last payment is made, then the items can be taken out of layaway. The person can go get their items and the items are their's


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