How To Learn to Trade

Trading in the stock market can be an easy way to make, or lose, a lot of money.  The difference between winning and losing while trading can come down to making a decision in a few seconds.  With little room for error, there are lessons that need to be learned and advice that must be heeded before starting to trade.

To learn to trade stocks, you need to leave emotion at the door.  Getting attached to a company's stock can lose you untold amounts of money. This is not something that anyone can afford.  When learning to trade stocks, you should be able to understand that stocks are just pieces of paper that represent a small part of a company's worth.  Almost as important as not getting attached to any one particular stock, is avoiding the tips that are thrown at you from so-called financial gurus.  These tips are not meant to help you; they are meant to help the holder of stocks for a company, and once you buy into a tip, they will then sell their shares - which will bring your shares down in value.

The most important thing you will need to do when learning to trade is to create a set of rules for yourself.  These rules will guide you when you aren't sure whether you should buy, sell, or hold.  These rules must be followed no matter what the case may be; breaking your trading rules will result in losing money.  Some questions that you may want to ask yourself when making your rules include: when should I sell a stock after a gain or a loss? When is it too late to buy a stock that is on the way up? Where is this stock I am interested in heading? All of these questions will help you create some guidelines to follow when you start to trade.

Once you have a set of rules to abide by, you are now ready to learn how to actually trade stocks.  It is wise to use the services many brokerages offer to run a test account before using your own money.  Try out some of your rules you created while learning some ins and outs of trading.  Use the many different types of market services available to you.  Learning to trade is never something you graduate from; you will always learn something new, until you decide to retire from it altogether.  Just remember that emotion is the main thing to avoid when trading.


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