How To Look Elegant When Poor

Do you feel strapped down financially but want to look like a princess? Money and elegance don't really have to go together. In fact, it may even surprise you to find that the world's richest are not really the most sophisticated lot on earth. The simpleton beside you may actually be a billionaire, but fail to catch your attention because he just doesn't dress the part. Dress to the nines without having to create holes in your pocket or dents in your credit card!

Even Cinderella managed to make a coach out of a pumpkin. But you may argue that it was done with the Fairy Godmother's help. No need for fairy tales to look elegant when you are poor, but this is no quick fix either. 

  1. The LBD (Little Black Dress) Theory. The theory is that every girl has a little black dress in her drawer or cabinet. On top of the little black dress is a pair of black underwear that makes any woman elegant regardless of shape, size and age. The timeless quality of the little black dress remains to be one of the staples if you want to have a subdued by sophisticated look.
  2. Coiffure, Audrey Hepburn style. Have a hand with your coiffure. French knots and French tip manicures are one of the more rich-looking types of styles to help make you look elegant. When you are trying your chignon look a la Audrey Hepburn, cheap gel and a couple of hair clips will do. 
  3. Pearl jewelry. People may spot easily fake gold and silver, but not fake pearls. This is one of your best investments (minuscule one if I may add) when it comes to trying to look elegant when you are poor.
  4. Be the duck. Ducks are really hardworking swimmers. But when you look at the surface, they look so serene. It's as if they are just flowing with the water. Be the duck in fashion. Don't make yourself look like a Christmas tree, but don't make yourself look like a garbage can either. You have to work at it. But the trick is to work at it without letting others know that you are trying too hard.
  5. Sewing machine, tailors and many others. You can invest in sewing skills or get a trusty tailor who knows your proportions and can be shown the latest elegant fashion trends that you want to have copied for your outfits. This is really the cheapest way to go, especially if you do not have enough to shell out for a million dollar outfit. 
  6. Basic colors are classics. Black, blue, brown and white are just some of the colors that will help you create an elegant look. The bright and bubbly colors can be saved for more fun days. But if you want to make the elegant fashion statement, stick to the basic colors and tastefully play it up with an accessory or two.
  7. Window shop in haute couture, but shop for its thrift store twin. Copy the styles of the rich and famous by frequenting their favorite stores, but go to the thrift store the next day to find its resembling counterpart there. All you will need is a good memory, or if you are quite sneaky, some stolen shots from your digital camera.


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