How To Lower a Summer Cooling Bill

Summer spells fun, fun, fun, but then again, it could also mean bills, bills, bills! Electricity bills, that is. During the summer, you might be used to paying higher electricity bills, in the name of combating the discomfort that the intense midday summer heat brings. However, you should know that apart from using the air conditioner there are yet other ways to lower the temperature in your home – and at very low costs, too! So if you’re looking for ways to lower your summer cooling bill, read on:

  1. Prepare your home. If you’re still in the process of having your home constructed, it pays to take into consideration the ventilation. First of all, it is a great idea to allot a bit of space for the garden area (as opposed to many people’s tendency to make their house occupy as much of the lot as possible). Having a garden with plants allow you to have refreshingly cool, fresh air even in the summertime. Wouldn’t you like to make your home a haven of freshness amidst an asphalt desert?
  2. Block out the sun during the day. Pull down your blinds, curtains and drapes  in the midmorning to afternoon, to keep the sun’s heat out of your home. Take advantage of the cool nighttime air to ventilate your house.
  3. Make sure your appliances are energy-efficient. Have your air conditioners cleaned and maintained by a professional, so that you’d get the maximum ventilation available. It’s best to do this before one or two months before summer, to avoid the rush for air conditioning repairs. Another tip here is to avoid running your appliances, such as your dishwasher, oven, and laundry machines, during the heat of the day. These appliances create additional heat and moisture that would just raise the temperature in your home.
  4. Invest in fans. Instead of always relying on air conditioners, why not use the cheaper alternative: cooling fans? Remember that cooling fans work by circulating the air already inside the house, so you’d still have to undertake steps (see tips above) to maintain the coolness of the air in your home.
  5. Insulate your house. Take steps to make sure that your house is well-insulated (that is, there are no leaks on the walls, doors, windows and foundations) by sealing cracks and other unnecessary crevices. By doing this, you’d not only be able to keep out the heat that can come in during the summertime, you’d also keep out the cold during winter as well.
  6. Have some cookouts with your family. Make this summer a precious family bonding time by holding picnics and cookouts to get away from the indoor heat. Not only would you be able to save up on electricity, you’d be creating great memories with your loved ones too!

There you have it! These are just some of the tips you could follow to lower your summer cooling bill. Remember, nowadays it’s best to be resourceful, and to find as many ways to be efficient as possible. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’d enjoy summer less. Good luck on looking for more savings-friendly way of having fun during the summertime!


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