How To Lower Your Time Warner Cable Bill

If you live on a tight budget, you will always find it impractical to pay a lot to your Time Warner cable bill. Good thing you do not have to live month after month paying high prices for your cable bill. With your own efforts, you can lower down your cable bill with Time Warner. Here, find out these ways to help you save a few dollars in your Time Warner Cable bill:

  • Contact a customer service representative of Time Warner. For you to succeed in your goal, you have to get in touch with a representative of the cable company. Ask the rep about current promotions you can avail of and tell him your intentions of getting your monthly bill lowered. Most of the time, the rep over the phone has the power to give you promotions or lower your bills not only to answer your needs but also to retain you as their customer.
  • Check out promotions of the company. Check the news reports or online listings of promotions being offered by the company. You can also call customer service to ask for promotions. From time to time, Time Warner throws out promotions that you can take advantage of, especially if you are a valued customer.
  • Modify the cable plan that you currently have. Evaluate the plan you have at the moment and check whether you use all of services or not. You can lower your monthly bills big time if you will modify your plan according to your needs. Also, bundling your cable services with Internet and telephone will help you save a few dollars on your bill. If you have your telephone and Internet subscriptions with another company, consider getting these services from Time Warner, too. Talk to a rep about the best deal you can get out of your service.
  • Tell Time Warner about the possibility of switching to a competitor. Call a competitor company and check their rates for your current service. If you get a cheaper deal, talk to a representative and tell him about the rates provided to you by the competitor. If you say the magic word of switching to another company, the rep will do just about everything to retain you as their customer to the point of giving you the same rates as that of the competitor or even a lower one.
  • Review your monthly bills for once. Take your bill and read every detail of the charges. There are times that you are charged for things that you really do not need. If you terminate the services that you do not need, you will save a few dollars on your bill.

If you will not move a muscle to save a dollar out of your Time Warner Cable bill, you will suffer longer for high monthly bills. If you will act now, you can have the chance to lower your bills as early as today or the next billing cycle. However, if you are not successful lowering your bills despite doing the above-mentioned things, think of switching to another provider. It will be practical for you to switch to another company if Time Warner cannot help you with your financial problems.


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