How To Make a Claim with Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance Company helps you design insurance programs to meet and exceed your ever-changing insurance requirements. Events such as child birth, change in marital status or purchase of a new home could affect your coverage policy. Farmers Insurance also offers the chance to meet and review your coverage personally, with their agents. These agents cannot only help point out any gaps or overlaps in your coverage, but also keep you posted on any discounts or credits that you may qualify for. The article gives you advice on how to make a claim with Farmers Insurance.

The company claims their first priority is to help you with your most-urgent needs to get your life back to normal and walk you through the claims process. Farmers Insurance provides a HelpPoint representative who helps you in expediting the claims process! The emergency services division offers reliable service providers who can assist with issues on loss or damage incurred and home or auto repair.

How to file a claim?
Any claim such as auto, business, home or boat should be reported to the agent or the HelpPoint toll free number as soon as it occurs. Make sure you have the following information ready:

  • The names of the people involved along with witnesses and their contact details.
  • A description of the situation or incident which gives rise to the claim.
  • The name of the insurance company and the agent(s) for all parties involved in the request for claim.

How does Farmers Insurance process your claim?
Claim assignment: Your claim is assigned to a claims professional upon receipt.

  • Initial contact: The claims professional assigned to you gets in touch with you to understand your loss, get more details on your coverage, speak about how the claim will be handled, inspect and identify any further loss on your property and schedule an appointment if necessary!
  • Estimate and evaluation: Your claims professional is responsible for determining if the loss is covered, gathering specific facts, inspecting and preparing a damage document, speaking with witnesses and others involved, taking photographs, if necessary, and evaluating and checking your claim.
  • Resolution: Based on the data and evidence collected, Farmers Insurance will resolve the claim fairly by either paying off what is owed, or explaining why you will not receive any payment towards your claim.
  • Close: When the resolution is met to the satisfaction of both company and claimant, the claim is closed as per the policy. If additional expenses are discovered, the case can be reopened for further investigations.

Some claims can be more complex in comparison to the ordinary ones; some may be opened or closed quickly or may take a few weeks, months or even years! Just follow the guidelines provided here when you make you next claim with Farmer's Insurance.


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