How To Make a Solid Financial Plan

The recent trouble with the economy has had many unfortunate consequences, but it also has made many individuals realize the need to make a solid financial plan and stick to it.  Too many consumers have become used to living beyond their means and the result is a mess that will take awhile to clean up.  Although there are many different factors that must be included when developing a financial strategy, the following steps will help begin the process.

  1. The first and most important step in making a solid financial plan is to carefully evaluate all expenses and determine which ones are actually necessary.  Although items such as cable and Internet may seem to be required, the truth is that it is quite possible to do without should the need ever arise.
  2. The next step after identifying the "optional" bills is to reduce or eliminate them from the monthly budget.  Shopping around and comparing prices is an excellent way to lower costs.
  3. After all of the possible expense reductions have been made, it is time to review the amount of income that is being made each month.  Many individuals quickly realize that they don't make enough money to adequately support their bills.  If this is the case, it is often necessary to seek part-time employment or other ways to generate extra money.
  4. Once a monthly budget has been established, it is then possible to determine how much money is available to spend on savings and debt reduction.  A solid financial plan should include a savings strategy that will both save for retirement and emergencies.
  5. A financial plan must help prepare for short term needs and long term needs and should also make necessary preparations for unexpected expenses.  As a result, insurance is often an important component of the strategy and should be selected based on these factors.

Making a solid financial plan is truly not a difficult process, but sticking to it may be another thing.  Many individuals find it hard to curb their spending habits and it is often necessary to make such large changes little by little.  Nobody enjoys living paycheck to paycheck and the only true way to escape this lifestyle is to develop a strategy and follow it.  A good plan will consist of multiple goals and ensure that they are attainable and within reach, provided that the steps are followed.  Too many consumers have learned their lesson the hard way, but it's not too late to become a fiscally responsible individual. 


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