How To Make Daily Cash

With the bad economy, many people are trying to find ways to make extra money.  It is not difficult to learn how to make daily cash.  You just need to start researching some basic business opportunities.  One way to make daily cash is to write for profits.  There are several sites online such as Textbroker, Demand Studios and Associated Content that are always looking for competent writers to write about various topics such as health, business or even shopping.  These are writing communities where you pick and choose the articles you want to write from a specific list.  All that you need to do is sign up and submit a few writing samples.  Once you are accepted, you can start writing articles.  Most of these companies will pay you by Paypal once or twice per week, but you will still be making cash daily.

  • Another way to make daily cash is to start a paper recycling business.  This is one of the easiest businesses to start.  All you need to do is put up flyers in your neighborhood and apprise people that you will be picking up their newspapers or paper waste on a weekly basis.  You can even make up some boxes and write "recycle" on them so people remember to save their papers.  After that, just go around each week and collect the papers.  You can then take them to a local recycling center and sell the paper for cash.
  • Plenty of people make daily cash selling items on eBay, Yahoo and other online auction sites.  You can sell your own items such as collectibles or clothes; or find a wholesaler.  EBay actually allows you to sell items they have for sell, and they will even ship them to your customers.  It just takes a little time to learn what you're doing.  But people on eBay and Yahoo make cash every day.
  • People are busy today.  They have pets they need to have walked and bathed.  You can become a dog walker or groomer and start making daily cash with people's pets.  Start with a few clients part-time and gradually build up a clientele.
  • Businesses need people to clean their windows or water their plants.  You can choose one of these services, start contacting some businesses in your area and make daily cash washing windows or watering plants for businesses.
  • Flea markets are big business.  There are many items you can buy wholesale and sell retail at flea markets.  Companies like SMC Corporation in California have over 3,000 items that you can potentially sell.  You will need to pay a small fee and get a vendor's license, but you can make a lot of daily cash selling baubles and trinkets or other items at flea markets.


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