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In a world that, in many ways, has grown quite accustomed to talk of the "web" or the Internet, it is still surprising that some people do not know the moneymaking potential locked up in this virtual world. Any of them can take the opportunity to make a little extra money on the side or even build their own online businesses, with little to no start-up costs involved.

It may be that these people simply don't know that much about the various ways or methods that are currently being employed by web users every day to make that extra cash they need. Often the best place to start is with a little information. People want to know the sort of options that are out there. A typical question asked by those interested is: "How can I make extra money online?"

Below are a few of the most common options that have been used by people repeatedly to achieve results and walk away with at least a small profit. Naturally, all of these ideas have their own requirements and qualifications. While some may only take a few minutes of your day, others will take more time and energy to make profitable. There will be certain options that will require minor investments and a bit of risk to see favorable results over time--but the point is that you will see some results if you take the opportunity!

  1. Blogging. While it is more recent than some of the other options, today, blogging is a wildly popular mode of expressing one's individual views or ideas on the Internet. More importantly, as a moneymaking venture, blogging is being used as a means to generate supplementary income. Blogs or "weblogs" are like online journals where users write entries on a regular basis. If you are someone who has expertise or you just have interesting information to share, a blog can be a way of networking with other users or those who have similar views or interests.

    Those who already have an online presence (like a website) can use blogs as form of marketing to direct traffic to their products or services. The blog provides an interactive element that can appeal to people in a direct way, focusing upon specific concerns and issues relating to the area that you have specialized in and provide services. Thus, as a form of advertising, blogs can be a big boost. Yet, blogs can be turned into vehicles for income generation all by themselves through the use of exclusive content, paid subscriptions, and using pay-per-click ads.

  2. Writing book and product reviews. A major aspect of the web is its interactivity. The Internet is a realm of virtual communities where people from all over the world can come together and interact in different ways. As this is true with social settings, it is equally true about matters of commerce. There are millions of things for sale everyday online. A major influence of sales in any environment is the power of the testimonial. People want to know that other people find a product or service valuable. I think we can all understand that. Now, in many cases, what people don't know is that businesses are looking for people to write a review or testimonial of things like books, various products, and services. They want to make effective use of interactivity to help generate greater sales. For the one who is chosen to write a review, this can mean extra cash in your pocket.
  3. Freelancing. For anyone who has already entered the freelancing world, the moneymaking benefits are fairly obvious. Everyday there is someone or a business somewhere who needs some sort of work done but lacks the time or the necessary skill to do it. As a result, they look to outsourcing services to connect them with qualified professionals who operate on a work-for-hire basis, servicing multiple clients on a short-term basis. Known as freelancers, they operate in areas like writing, computer programming, administrative support, web design, and much more. If you have skills in any of these areas, you have the potential to make money as a freelancer on the web. In order to facilitate this growing outsourcing industry, the Internet offers a host of freelance networks where many freelance service providers are brought together with prospective employers or buyers. Notable examples include Elance, Guru,,, etc. If you have skills in some of the above-mentioned categories, then you have what you need to start making extra money as a freelancer.
  4. Online auction sites. When one thinks online auction, they typically have EBay in mind. It is the world's most popular auction site, with thousands of users buying, selling, and trading every conceivable item every day. Almost from the moment it went active, EBay has revolutionized the concept of the online auction and provided variable incomes for countless users who created businesses of buying and reselling products for profit. This is one of the moneymaking options that requires some upfront costs or at least having something to sell to begin the auction process. It can take some time to build up a decent supplementary income.
  5. Affiliate, network, or MLM marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around in one form or another well before the advent of the web. Yet, like other business models, the online forms of affiliate or network marketing have evolved into viable Internet moneymaking opportunities. So what is affiliate marketing? Well, most types provide a means for you to offer the products or services of established businesses and to make a commission rate on the sales. Other means of earning income with this option involve recruitment of others to expand the network of providers selling the services as well. Again, there are commission rates and other bonuses available for those who recruit certain numbers of new affiliates. Often, there is little to no start-up costs with these business models and all you do is establish a website and provide a link to the primary provider's product or e-commerce site.
  6. PPC (pay per click) advertising. Now more than ever, website owners and bloggers are taking advantages of various PPC or pay-per-click advertising options like Good Adsense or Google Adwords to make extra money with their online properties. The concept is a simple one that does require a small investment to establish an account and put ads on your website or blog. Once you have the ads in place, most of which are specially tailored to the content of your particular site, you will begin to generate income each time a visitor clicks on the ad. The more times there is a click-through to the linked site, the more money you will make. With some PPC ads, there is a further requirement that must be met to receive money from the click-through. There must be some sort of commitment to the products or services that may be offered at the linked site.
  7. Email list building. Another option for those who have something to sell on the web or have targeted information is email list building. Typically, these lists are built for paid subscriptions to services, newsletters, and ezines (as well as other exclusive content). These products provide valuable and interesting information to the subscribers who have signed up for email lists. In many cases, depending upon content, particular ezines and newsletters can be very lucrative methods for generating a decent income.
  8. Sell yourself. Have you ever considered selling yourself? More than likely, you may have some sort of skill or expertise that you may or may not be currently putting to use that has plenty of moneymaking potential. The Internet has become a major medium for expressing, advertising, and marketing your own expertise or skills to create a solid business model. Depending upon your skills or knowledge, you provide specific services, outsource with various companies, offer consultancy services, generate exclusive subscription-based content that provides valuable information to other users, and much more. All it takes is making a personal and professional assessment and begin looking for opportunities online.
  9. Other online opportunities. There are other online opportunities that people are making use of everyday to generate a small but steady income. These options include everything from online surveys, paid emails, and pay-to-surf programs to more sophisticated business model like domain hoarding and website flipping. It truly pays to investigate these burgeoning opportunities and put some of the others into practice as well.

By combining some of these moneymaking options to create even more effective opportunities, you will be able to make the extra money that you need.


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I currently use several of these online money making methods. Great article.

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I have not been interested in this but now I just know I have to understand this world and become part of it. I appreciate your article.

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