How To Make Long Distance Calls Using a Debit Card

When traveling, one of the usual hurdles that you have to face is the issue of long distance calls. Even with cellular phones, long distance calls through pay phones may still be necessary, especially if the area where you are traveling is not covered by the roaming service of your mobile phone service provider, or if there is no cellular phone signal available. Placing your long distance calls is easy as long as you have a debit card.

Contact the operator. Press the “0” button on the payphone. This will connect you to the operator. Other countries may have special buttons that you need to press. These are usually indicated in the payphone console.

Arrange the call. Once with the telephone operator, arrange the placement for the long distance telephone call by informing the operator of your details. You will need to give the operator your debit card details, your name, the card expiration date, and the security code. The security code is the last three digits that are located at the back of your card. Once the operator has verified your debit card, the call will be forwarded to the number that you are trying to reach.

Place the call. Next, dial in the number that you need to call. Be sure that you have attached all the necessary long distance code numbers that are needed to link your call to the correct phone number. You can also ask the telephone operator for the long distance area codes, if you are not aware of the number or if you are unsure of the digits. A number of telephone booths also have telephone books that you can consult for the area codes that you need.

Swipe. Before the call is connected, you will need to swipe the debit card into the telephone. Keep in mind, however, that not all telephone booths have card readers. If the country where you are trying to make the call from does not have built in card readers, inform the telephone operator so that the payment can be made before you make your call. There may be arrangements that you need to follow, however, such as prepaid terms and limitations. You may need to set the time duration for the call, in which case the call will terminate automatically after the given time period.

Limitations. Remember that not all debit cards will be useful in all the countries where you are traveling. Be sure that your card is linked with major credit companies such as Visa. Visa is usually recognized in most countries and will be useful for plenty of transactions even while overseas. If your debit card is not affiliated with these major credit service providers, you should check with your bank to see which countries you can travel to while maintaining full use of their debit card.

Whether you are traveling overseas for fun or for business trips and meetings, making the long distance call back home is possible as long as you have access to pay phones and a debit card.


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