How To Make Money at a Spring Yard Sale

Spring cleaning is an activity that helps minimize waste around the house and make money. Plenty of households take this time to clean their homes and throw away the extra clutter that has been eating up their space. Instead of throwing everything away or dumping items into the basement, why not take this opportunity to make money and get extra cash by selling off these unwanted items in a spring yard sale? Here’s how.

Work on your schedule. There are two goals that you have in mind here. First is to clean up your home and de-clutter it while the second is to come up with enough items that you can work on selling for the yard sale. That is why it is important to work on your schedule and ensure that you have set aside time to accomplish both goals. This may look like a daunting task, but the effort spent will be worth it for the results that you will get.

Mark items for selling. While you are cleaning the house, it is important that you set aside an area in your home where the potential items for selling will be placed. This way, you do not get confused especially on which ones should be thrown away and at the same time, you will be able to successfully accomplish your first goal – to make the house spic and span. Don’t stress over organizing all the items at this time. What is important is that you are able to set them aside so that you can work on sorting them out later on. Make sure that you go through all the rooms and spaces inside the house.

Learn to let go. One problem that a lot of people face is finding it difficult to let go of items. People often come up with a number of reasons why they should keep them: because they have sentimental value, because you still like it and so on. Remember to be practical. If it is something which no longer fits you, you don’t get to use and don’t think you will be using, then it should be sold. Keep in mind that it is better to sell it and buy something of use for you than just leave it there to occupy space and not be used at all.

Go back to the items to be sold. Make sure to dispose all the items that need to be thrown away and once you are done with this, go back to the pile of items that you have set aside. Take this time to start coming up with a list on how much you will be pricing them. If you are not comfortable with pricing, then you can use eBay as a reference for you to have ideas around this.

Prepare for the yard sale. Prepare to showcase the items that you will be selling. Use tables that are long so it will be easier for people to view them and they won’t have to dig in. Display them in a manner where they will also look appealing and not just a pile of trash.

Get ready for some haggling. Work on your negotiation skills and bear in mind that this is a yard sale and it is but normal for people to bargain. Get ready to negotiate and remember that it’s about disposing and earning money at the same time.

A spring yard sale is indeed a very convenient and practical way of tidying up the house and working on selling items that you do not use anymore. This allows you to free up space, and make way for new items that you will be able to purchase as a result of the items that you have sold.


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