How To Make Money at School as a Young Teenager

Being a teenager can be limiting, especially if you feel hindered due to a lack of monetary resources. You usually have to save your allowance, and even this might not be enough. Maybe you want to buy some gadgets. Or perhaps you'd like to go on a date. But the best motivation to making money as a young teenager would be to have a better future, especially if you are the entrepreneurial type.

Making money while you're young is not about making big bucks in an instant. It's about earning money from the simple things, and learning from these experiences and achievements. There are loads of things teenagers can do nowadays to earn even while still studying. It all depends on your capabilities and the ideas that you can work on.

  • Attitude. The first thing to focus on is having a mindset that's for making money. One way to be inspired is by hearing about or reading stories by other young people who have been successful in business ventures. This might not exactly mean big business, but it's good to have idols like Mark Zuckberg of FaceBook and Larry Page and Sergey Brinn of Google. These are relatively young people (though not teenagers) who had founded big companies from small ideas.
  • Savings. For a teenager, making money could start from savings. For example, to save on lunch expenses, you can eat a big breakfast or brunch before going to school. You can even bring a packed lunch, so you don't have to spend on food when you go hungry at school. This way, you can have some seed money for that small business you're planning.
  • Sell small items. Start with what you can do and do not focus on your weaknesses. Perhaps you have a knack for finding rare collections like stamps, cards and sports memorabilia. You can sell these online at eBay or to your classmates. Do what you do best. If you know how to bake, you can bake pastries and sell these to your classmates.
  • Offer freelance services. A lot of online companies are looking for various home-based workers, and you can participate in these. You can write content for web services. You can spend a few hours each day as a virtual assistance, answering calls, making schedules, and filtering emails.
  • Help other people. Another way to make good money is by helping out in your neighborhood. You can do chores for your neighbors like mowing lawns, baby-sitting, walking dogs, and running errands they may ask you to do in exchange for money. If you are doing well in school, you can help classmates or schoolmates by tutoring them. Good service is rarely free these days. Just don't overprice your services since this may turn away potential clients.

There are tons of ways to earn money even when you are still in school. It just takes a little know-how and the right attitude to get your money-making endeavor started. From a small idea, you can probably grow this business into a big one, much like how Google and FaceBook started out.


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