How To Make Money Clipping Coupons

Where can you find a document or certificate that when redeemed guarantees rebates, discounts, and cash? Yup, COUPONS! They’re free and can be found anywhere, too – newspapers, mailing lists a.k.a. direct mailers, magazine inserts, product samples, surveys, catalogues, online, and….oh yes, cereal boxes and milk cartons! Take advantage of it all by learning how you can get them and making money off them as well.

Internet Coupons are categorized into:

  1. Printable Internet coupons. These are found online, can be downloaded, and used when making a purchase at a specific retail store.
  2. Product code coupons or activated link coupons, which allow you to redeem online.
  3. Click coupons, which give you the option of transferring credits to your frequent shopper card that can be used at the point of sale at the grocery store.

Double Coupons strike a very special chord in the heart of frugal shoppers who love buying two items for the price of one! Double coupons are a marketing tool used by manufacturers, supermarkets, and groceries to beef up sales on slow days or seasons. This offer usually runs for a limited period of time or until stocks last.

Manufacturer Coupons and Retailer Coupons are nationally distributed in the form of inserts in newspapers, local newsletters, and magazine and gives you to the opportunity of shopping sans cash after they >> manufacturer and retailer<< have pre-paid the items’ cash value with the partner stores and vice-versa.

Online Coupons are coupons made available through a supermarket or grocery store’s website. You simply have visit the website, answer a short survey, download the coupons, and take it to the store to enjoy the promo.

Traveler Coupons or Vacation Coupons which give you the chance to enjoy a vacation by getting free room upgrades, VIP tickets to shows, drinks and meals, slots for playing, t-shirts, memorabilia, and an all around memorable vacation experience. One example of this is the Las Vegas Coupons that are more the expected norm than the exception when booking a vacation in Sin City. Get in touch with your travel agent or your favorite Las Vegas Hotel to get more details on this travel promo.

Coupons are irresistible because everyone loves a bargain and to defer the opportunity of coupon-hunting would be proportionate to missing:

  • Incredible rebates.
  • Faint-worthy information about free product samples, latest promotions, and reward programs that make you earn points to get free swag.
  • Health and beauty coupons that can be combined with in-store promotions resulting to free products.
  • Free food to stock your pantry or donate to soup kitchens

Now that you’ve been given a proper introduction to the beauty and purpose of a variety of coupons, it’s time for you to SELL these to a market that is downright coupon-crazy.

  1. Proceed to take all this information in.
  2. Clip your coupons.
  3. Create your own coupon organizer.
  4. Take pictures of your coupons.
  5. Write down the details contained on each coupon you clipped.
  6. Post these on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, email, and eBay accounts.

You won’t have to wait for the deluge of interested parties who want to take these off your hands. By the end of your coupon-selling day you’ll be breathless with happiness and thanking the marketing genius who invented coupons.


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