How To Make Money Selling Aluminum Cans

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Aluminum cans or beverage cans to be compared with money is relatively distant, but if we are talking about aluminum cans to be converted to cash, it would definitely sound more interesting. Let’s start with why aluminum cans? Today, aluminum cans are in demand not only for recycling centers, but also for beverage companies that recycle their own beverage containers. Besides, recycling the cans would benefit the planet instead of companies making new ones with raw materials that surely cost a lot. 

Making money out of aluminum cans is really easy. This may not make you instantly rich, but will absolutely earn you some money. Here are the steps on how to make money selling aluminum cans:

  1. First is to find your purchaser, or the ones who will definitely need your collected aluminum cans. Where to find such buyers of the said cans? Try looking through yellow pages, since the contact details of recyclers, scrap metal dealers, and beverage company offices are posted there. Contact them and ask if they purchase used aluminum cans or ask for details on how it works. Once they confirm that they will be buying what you can provide, ask for the price that they will pay for each can or per pound of cans. Remember to ask for the requirements needed for your aluminum cans to be accepted. Evaluate each of your prospected buyers with all the information you have gathered so that you can choose the best deal.
  2. Next is to find a storage area, where you will place all the aluminum cans that you will be collecting. The best place to store your cans would be the garage, since used beverage cans easily attracts ants, rodents, and other insects. You must also provide containers such as a garbage can or bag to store your collected cans. Garbage bags will do great, since you can just carry it once you take it to your buyer.      
  3. When everything is settled, it is time for you to collect your merchandise. But before anything else, you need the proper tools in order to collect aluminum cans safely and efficiently. These tools include: can crusher bags, storage containers, trash picking stick or pinchers, first aid kit, and hand sanitizer. You might also need tools for pest control, to avoid pests once your cans are stored in your garage. These may include mouse traps, fly paper, and wasp traps.
  4. Now you are really prepared to collect. In collecting aluminum cans, it is best to start with your own neighborhood; search from side to side. Then visit schools, stores, parks, vending machines, and other places where you think you can find aluminum cans. Make sure that you wear the proper clothing in case you collect cans from dumpsters or in a bushy terrain. Remember to empty every can you collect before putting in your garbage bag.  
  5. After collecting your goods, it is then time to store them in your storage area. You can crush the collected cans to save space. Some buyers prefer the cans crushed. You should also clean the cans you have collected before storing, since some buyers decline cans that are too dirty.
  6. Finally, it’s time to sell your aluminum cans. 

Now that you know the steps on how to make money from aluminum cans, the only thing left is to go out and start collecting.


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