How To Make Money Watching TV

If you are one who loves watching TV, you can make money just by watching. There are companies that pay for you to watch a program, submit a review or answer simple questionnaires.

Though the work seems simple, it is not that easy. You need to exert effort to make things happen. If your goal is to make watching TV a business, you need the proper motivation and dedication to perform the job well.

  1. Determine how much time you spend to work at making money by watching TV.
  2. Work smart to maximize the hours you have available. Plan your day and do not target to spend more time than you actually have.
  3. Start with a trial period to test if your plan can work. Determine if the job has the potential to become a viable business.
  4. If the job generates positive results, gradually work on adding more hours until your income reaches your set goal.
  5. If the work is not viable as a business, explore pursuing the job as an extra source of income.

Explore ideas on how to make money watching TV.

1.    Submit TV reviews to Helium or Associated Content. Helium and Associated Content are similar websites that pay article writers for submitted work published online. Associated Content pays performance pay that starts at $1.50 for 1000 page views. The more times your TV review is read, the higher your performance pay will be. Helium accepts posted TV reviews. Revenue earned depends on the traffic to your posted article, the quality of your TV review, and the interest generated to advertisers. The higher the rank of your article, the more you can earn.

Post a good TV show review. The more keywords your articles contain that are commonly used in search engines, the more traffic will be generated to the site and the higher your article will be ranked.

You can double your income if you write for both sites since the reviews you publish in Helium can also be copied and pasted on Associated Content.

2.    Create your own website or blog about TV shows.  It is easy to set up a website for free using or

  • Regularly upload articles that are rich in keywords and are very interesting.
  • You can also start a blog on your site about TV shows.
  • Add advertisements for DVDs of the shows you review or blog on your site.
  • Open affiliate accounts for online merchants who give commissions when people buy DVDs sold through the link on your website.
  • Use Google's AdSense to earn more.
  • Generate more website traffic by posting your site name on TV show fansite bulletin boards.

3.    Register on free blog writing sites.

  • Explore blogging at and
  • Check out that contains job listings for bloggers who write TV show blogs.

4.    Contribute to TV show Fansites. Post answers to questions, give your opinion, and upload pictures, post news, and link the fansite to your website. Post articles containing keywords that can easily be linked to paying sites you are registered with. More users click on articles if they have the right keywords.

5.    Search for websites that need TV show critics

  • Get discounts and rewards for TV and DVD reviews on sites like or
  • Find sites that pay for TV reviews submitted like: -reviews-17/new-site-to-make-m oney-writing-reading-online-11 8478.html

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn more while watching TV, while more new cable TV stations are entering the market.


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