How To Make Over $40,000 with One Penny

Who wouldn’t want to turn their penny into big cash? You will be surprised on how easy this can actually be.

Ok. This may seem unrealistic at first. Who can make over $40,000 with only a penny? If it were that easy, then how come everyone is not doing it? Well, it does still come down to luck.

Read the steps below on how it is possible to turn one penny into over $40,000.

  • Gather all the pennies you have. Get a clear jar with lid. Place all of your coins in it - all of your coins. Pennies or not, as long as they are coins, they should go inside the jar. Check pockets of your old clothes and bags if there are loose coins left. The value of these coins depends on the year and markings on them. Some may have really big value especially if they are rare.
  • Try to get more pennies. Ask your family and friends if they have loose pennies that they want to discard. Place those in the jar as well.
  • Sort your coins. Now that you have as much pennies as you can gather, clean each of them to get a better view of the markings on them. However, you should not scrub them or dye the coins. Certain markings can be washed out or the value will depreciate if dyed. Next, sort them according to year. This will help you identify the value of most of the coins you have.
  • Do some research. You should know what to look for so it is important that you take some time to do research. References are available in public libraries. If you have Internet connection, there are several websites you can visit to check the value of collector coins. They usually include the photos of the coins for better reference. Check out some of the websites such as this and this. Based on the sorting of the coins, check the value of the oldest ones. The older coins usually cost the most.
  • Sell your coin. If you have found a coin with significant value, then you are one lucky person! You have an option to keep the coin and secure it for a longer period of time before selling it. Remember, the older the coin, the more value it will have. Another option is to sell the coin directly to other coin collectors. You should know the value of your coin before selling so that you already have the price range in mind. You can also sell your coins in consignment basis to coin collectors. Check the Internet for a list of possible stores you can put your coin on sale. EBay is also an alternative. There are some coins that go for more than $100,000. Good luck!

For the other coins that do not have much value yet, hold on to them. Selling them now may not have much value, but if you wait, it could cost a lot more in the future. Keep them in the jar for now and continue collecting those pennies.


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