How To Make Stock Trades

There are plenty of unique ways to make stock trades.  The first thing that you can do in order to make a stock trade is to go to an online stock trading company like and actually open an account.  In order to open an account you have to find the number of your local branch office and call the local representative who will then help you set up the account.  The next step is to give them an active bank account.  You typically need one hundred dollars or more in the account to begin the trading process.  Some people prefer a system like those at E-Trade or Ameritrade, but the fact of the matter is that you have to make that kind of decision when deciding which company to do business with.

You can then begin to research the actual stocks themselves.  If you were to research the company Kraft for example you can use Scottrade’s search engine which is up in the right hand corner of by using the symbol KFT, for example.  Once you decide you are interested in buying the stock, you can then click on Kraft itself for example and then choose the buying option. The fact of the matter is that it takes seven dollars off the top in order to execute the trade.  If you have real trouble executing the trade by yourself, you can contact your local branch office and they can help you trade the stock.  There are plenty of tutorials at Scot trade which can show you how to execute the trade using one of their five different trading platforms.

We can say, for example, that Kraft is selling for sixty three dollars per share and you buy shares so you would multiple to find that total and then add the seven dollars on top of that.  You can also find mutual funds at Scottrade as well and just click on the Mutual Funds option in order to do the proper research on those funds if that is what you are interested in buying once you activate your account.  The expense of these mutual funds typically cost more than the individual stock, but the buying and selling process is the same.  Once the trade has been executed, Scottrade can send you an e-mail to your account in order to let you know that this has been the done the way you wanted it to be done.  You typically have a small window up until the next trading day in order to get these trades rescinded if necessary.


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