How To Open a Clickbank Account

The Internet offers many interesting ways to earn money. Take ClickBank for instance. ClickBank is an Internet marketing tool which vendors and affiliates use to promote and sell products. A vendor registers his products, and ClickBank handles the online marketing and ordering procedures. An affiliate, on the other hand, chooses the products he wants to promote and adds affiliate links to his own website. If you decide to be a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, you will prove that it is possible to earn money without having to spend a single cent and a great deal of time for the marketing efforts. ClickBank manages all these, while you passively generate your own earnings. If you want to become a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, begin by opening an account. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the website. Go to Clickbank’s official site, and then locate the Sign Up link at the top right section of the page. Click on it, and wait as the Sign Up page loads. Take note, however, that whether you are signing up as a vendor or affiliate, you will be directed to the Promote Products Sign Up Form.
  2. Fill in the sign up form. Supply the text fields with the needed information. Remember to enter in the right and accurate details because if you happen to supply incorrect information, ClickBank will either withhold your payment or send it to the wrong recipient. So be very careful.
  3. Create a username. The username is crucial. If you are signing up as an affiliate particularly, your username will be part of the link. Therefore, if you are an affiliate of more than one product, you may want your username not to be so product-related or niche-oriented.
  4. Submit the form. After reviewing the supplied information for accuracy and correctness, submit the form. ClickBank will then send you a confirmation message through the email address you provided in the Sign Up Form. Check the message and get the confirmation code. Then, log-in using this confirmation code as your password. If you are able to access your ClickBank account, you are officially a ClickBank member.
  5. Manage your account. If you decide to be a vendor, go to My Products and select Add New Product. Then, start supplying the needed information. If you want to be a ClickBank affiliate, go to Marketplace. Then in the search box, look for the products you want to promote. If you have found one, click on Create Hoplink, then type in your username. ClickBank will provide you with a code, which will then be the hoplink you will post on your website.

To avoid any log-in problems, care to memorize your username and password. The password ClickBank provides is particularly tricky, so you may want to also write it down. Be careful, however, if you decide to write your password. Keep the paper somewhere no else can see it. Remember this involves money, and you certainly don’t want someone to get free access to your account.


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