How To Open a Precious Metals IRA

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The evolving global economy can be quite erratic with sudden highs and lows that can leave investors scratching their head and feeling their wallets. Due to various political and social factors, the economy can really be unpredictable. However, there are some investments that will almost never become unstable. One of these controllable and secure investments is in an IRA dependent of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Stocks and paper investments are good and well but can rise or fall through uncontrollable circumstances and events. Precious metals, on the other hand, can yield you a safe and secure investment even in the most dire of economic situations.

Consult a precious metals IRA consultant. Precious metals IRAs is not really a well known investment option for the majority of investors. Most people think that stocks are the best options since the yield is higher. If you want secured investments regardless of political or social turmoil, opening a precious metals IRA is the way to go. To proceed, you will need access to information and advice from someone seasoned and experienced with this type of investment. Look for an investment company or group that has investment people that offer services for precious metals IRA investments. Discuss the options and the yields of making such an investment. Determine the cash you are willing to roll over and what precious metals that you will want to roll over to. The professional should provide you various options including the right price when to buy gold bullions if that is what you want to invest in.

Take note of the intricacies. The IRS regulates all investments or IRAs in precious metals. With these regulations, it is important to know various aspects to effectively and correctly make the investment. For instance, gold bars under the IRS regulations need to be 24 Karats. These are the only ones permitted and must have NYMEX/COMEX approval and accreditation. For gold coins, 22K and 24K gold coins are allowed as well. For silver, on the other hand, it must be at a .999 fine to be accepted. Check the IRS publication 590 on their website at to check on the regulations of other precious metals.

Make the investment. With the recommendation of your precious metal IRA advisor, you can use your cash savings and existing 401K value to open a precious metals IRA. You may transfer existing stocks and other investments to make the move to a precious metals IRA. The value of these assets will determine what you can purchase. Let your advisor work on the details of these moves for you.

Entrust to a custodian
. Again, you must trust your advisor always since he knows more about the business than you do. Once your precious metals IRA is in the works, he will recommend that you entrust it to a custodian. Let him give you various options for this since a custodian will charge a nominal fee to keep your gold, silver, or platinum safe and secure.

Opening a precious metal IRA is a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio especially in the ever evolving volatile global market. Who knows, this investment may save you one day in the future.


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