How To Organize a Charity Golf Tournament

A golf tournament is normally seen as one of the best ways to generate money for a cause. One, because there are lots of golfers around, which guarantees you of a possibly good attendance. And two, people are looking for a fun way to help. But here’s the catch. Organizing a charity golf tournament is not always a walk in the park. In fact, many charity golf tournaments went bad because of lack of preparation, improper organization, and absence of foresight. Just because you know a lot of golfers doesn’t mean you can put up a successful charity golf tournament. The truth is, a lot of effort should be put into preparation and organization. To help you, here are general ways to organize a charity golf tournament.

  • Find sponsors. Sponsors will help you with the funding. But a warning about sponsors: They are particularly meticulous. They don’t just fall for a good-sounding claim or vision. What they want is a clear purpose, solid plans, and proper execution. They do want exposure, but just any kind of exposure doesn’t sit with them well. They are likely to expend huge amount, and they understandably want to put it on a charity golf tournament that will be excellently executed in all aspects. Remember, sponsors like their names to be associated with anything remarkable. And a non-promising charity golf tournament is simply not cut for it.
  • Identify the participants.  Who would you like to participate in the tournament? Would you like to have celebrities in it? Regardless, remember not to overcrowd the tournament. The common resolve is to get as many people as possible in order to rake in more funds. But this won’t actually work in your favor. Having too many participants just turns a relatively short game into a long and boring game.
  • Get volunteers. The more volunteers you have, the better. But make sure the volunteers you enlist have significant knowledge of golf. If they don’t have even the basic know-how, have them appropriately trained. They don’t necessarily have to play well, but they should at least master the basics.
  • Find a golf course. What you need to find is a golf course that will support your cause and offer discounted rates. Send letters to different gold courses and find out which among them has the best offering. When negotiating, try to arrive at a decision that will benefit both the charity event and the golf course.
  • Prepare good food. Admit it, some charity events fall short on their food preparation, either serving insufficient food or offering bland food. Avoid either of this. You want your participants to entirely enjoy all aspects of the tournament, including food. The food should be filling, appetizing, and generally appropriate for the event.
  • Provide trophies. Make sure to have trophies and awards for the winning teams and individuals. Have some tokens for all the other participants, too. Remember that proper recognition of their presence and involvement will likely encourage your participants to join your next charity events.

After finalizing every essential thing, take time to advertise your charity golf tournament. Make and distribute posters and flyers. And post ads on your charity website, if you have one.


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