How To Pay Off College Debt During a Recession

Graduation is probably one of the most momentous events of a person where he or she has mixed emotions.  First is the happiness and rejoicing of finally being able to overcome the toughest challenge of the education system.  But, then again, there's this feeling that will make you feel anxious--you are about to enter the real world, where all problems are serious.

To double the trouble for the fresh graduates, the world is currently in a recession. So, that means if you can't find a job here, you would probably have no back-up plans to formulate on working abroad, because, they too, are in an economic slump.  The challenge here, other than the unavoidable need for income to feed yourself, is paying your student loan. We know you don't want to default on payment for there are penalties that will double the beating for you.

So, the million dollar question now is: How in the world can you pay off your college debt when job openings are scarce, all thanks to the massive layoffs caused by this economic downturn, and there's almost no option outside of the country?  Luckily for you guys, it's still not yet the end of the world.  There are still alternatives, especially good and clean ones, for you to choose temporarily until the economy goes up again.

One type of career that's always open to the public is that of the armed forces.  It's not one of the first choices a fresh graduate will usually have, but, with this kind of economy going, this is one of the most remunerative.  What most people do not see or would even find it trivial is the fact that companies highly regard applicants who have military services in their resumes. This then makes the armed forces not only a last resort to survive your loan, but a very advantageous and honorable way to jumpstart both your career and life.

If serving the country by joining the armed forces isn't going to work out for you, you could probably do some research and look for organizations that are looking for some professional help in their advocacy for their beneficiaries, like teaching.  In turn for the services you render, they pay off your student loan.

Maybe the last choice for you is to extend your time in school.  There are always courses for you to further your studies.  Even though this is just delaying the inevitable, with a forecast of a year or two of recession, you may find yourself just in time to finally get the best job offer you've been wanting all this time.  But of course, it will only mean that the burden of debt has also grown in the same way as your chances with a better career.

With the world in the midst of a recession, leaving only a few opportunities, it won't help at all if you won't drop your pride and any arrogance.  The best thing to do now to get through this kind of personal challenge (paying off college debt) is by accepting the only available jobs. Even if they're not that appealing to you, they might just be the ones that will save you.


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