How To Pay Taxes with Your Credit Card

With the advancement of technology today, taxes have never been easier to file and pay.  In this difficult economic climate, some of us have chosen to take a certain easy way out: we pay our taxes with our credit cards.

If you choose to e-file, paying taxes by credit card is simple.  Once you finish your filing information and fill in the How Much You Owe section, the site will prompt you to pay your amount due.  You can choose to print out your return and mail in the printout with your payment, or you can now check Pay by Credit Card on the site.  If you choose to use an outside firm to file your taxes, the site will prompt you with: How would you like to complete your return? - at which point you can choose to either print and mail in the form, or to pay with your credit card.

The site assures us as taxpayers that our information is safe and secure if we choose to use our credit cards to pay our tax liabilities.  They use a secure server to ensure that our personal information remains personal and private.  They do not store our credit card information; rather, once the card number has been run and charged, the information is deleted.  The site states that taxpayers' credit card information is not disclosed for any reason other than to complete the single transaction that we authorize on the site.

To pay your taxes by credit card: first, gather your tax information and complete your tax return.  If you are submitting your taxes by mail, you must either call the IRS or use a secondary service provider by phone to pay by credit card.  Each avenue to pay by credit card charges a convenience fee.  After the fee has been disclosed, you have the option to either continue or cancel the transaction.

If you are submitting your tax return online through one of the IRS secondary avenues, paying by credit card is simple.  Your return is calculated for you based on the information submitted.  At the end, the secondary avenue will tell you if you are entitled to a tax refund or have a balance due.  If you owe a balance, your secondary avenue will prompt you by asking whether you want to pay by check or by credit card.  Simply check Pay by Credit Card, enter your information, and rest assured that your private information is secure and your taxes are paid.


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One thing I would suggest if you cannot pay off you credit card right away would be to enter into an installment agreement with the IRS. With an installment agreement you will be able to make monthly payments towards the taxes you owe and the interest rate the IRS charges on the outstanding debt is likely less than what your credit card company charges.

By Manuel Davis Jr