How To Prepare an Application for a Community Grant Program

There are plenty of grant funds and grant organizations that provide funds for various types of community oriented projects. If you are working for a non-government agency, or if you have ideas on how to foster culture and community in your own area, you can use grant sources and a community grant to carry out your plans. Here’s what you need to know to be able to prepare an application for a community grant program.

  1. Research. Begin by making a thorough research on the community that you are working on. Unless you have done your research, there will be no basis for your projects. Do this by focusing on the areas of concern which your community project seeks to address. For instance, community programs that aim to promote literacy and writing should look into the statistics of literacy in the given area in order to prove the need for a literacy grant. A program for the homeless, on the other hand, will need to look into the conditions and numbers of homeless people in the area in order to get a homeless grant. Apart from the research on the potential subjects for a community project, you also need to study the foundation where the money will come from.
  2. Create the project proposal. After the research period, the next step is to create the project proposal.  The proposal should include the history and background for the project, the details of the problem which the project aims to address, the present solutions which are being forwarded, and the alternatives solutions that your project seeks to provide. You will also need to justify why the problem should be addressed in the first place, and why your approach should be chosen.  You will also need to specify the goals for the project, the scope and limitations for the project, the actual plan of action, and the risks and rewards.
  3. Budget. An equally important part of the project proposal for your community grant application is the budget. You will need to create a detailed set of needs and requirements for the project. Write this down along with the corresponding price details for the goods and services that you will need for the project. Make sure that you only list the necessary items for the project, since you will also be asked to justify the budget once it is considered as a potential candidate for a community grant.
  4. Application. After creating the proposal and the budget, the next step is to find the firms and foundations which offer the grants. You can do this by checking out the local foundation offices, as well as by searching the web. Next, contact the foundations and organizations, and send in your application.

Once you have prepared the application for a community grant and after your proposal has been accepted, make sure that you keep records of all the expenses that you incur for the project. This will be used for accounting and liquidating purposes. Through these steps, finding funding for a socially relevant cause is possible.


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