How To Prevent Credit Card Theft

If you want to prevent credit card theft, there a few precautions you must take.  The first thing you should do is not have a whole lot of credit cards.  You only really need one or two credit cards and one debit card that is attached to your principle bank account.  If you have five or more credit cards, you’re going to be lazier when it comes to keeping watch over your credit cards.  You want to be able to have a good handle on your affairs.

In order to prevent credit card theft and identity theft you may want to look into an all encompassing financial and identity theft protection program.  There are many types of identity theft out there, not just financial and credit theft.  These forms of identity theft can include medical identity theft, theft of your social security, citizenship and much more.  So if you’re trying to keep yourself safe, it’s best to just secure everything at once.  Next, you should make sure that you check your credit cards on a weekly basis at the very least.  If you can check them every day then do so.  Know what’s going on in your account.  It’s your money and credit rating on the line.

When you’re shopping online, only use your credit card on sites that have SSL certification.  If you are unsure about a site’s SSL certification, look around the site.  Sometimes there’s an image of a padlock or a logo indicating SSL certification.  Then research the company that provides the SSL certification.  Are they a legitimate company?  Are they on the up and up?  If you have a funny feeling, contact the company that provides the SSL certification and insure that they provided it to the company you are considering shopping at.  And make sure that the SSL Company has a good long history in SSL certification.

When you’re shopping at stores, do not stand in line or even at the register with your credit card number facing up.  It only takes a minute for a thief to take a cell phone picture of your credit card—front and back if you’re not careful.  Watch your purse and wallet at all times and stay out of crummy places like some bars and restaurants.  When you go out to decent bars or any night club, keep your cash and stuff in your shoes, socks, bras and pockets.  You should keep your cash money in multiple places in case something is stolen, and if you must carry a credit card for an emergency keep a gift card with only $100 or less on it so if it’s stolen while you’re out you’re not out your whole identity.


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