How To Raise Money for a Youth Program

A youth program is very rewarding to organize, especially if you are not strapped down by limited funds. It is very important to raise money to make sure that your foundation program is able to push through and not just be one of those lucrative plans without any realization. It’s surprisingly tedious to raise funds, but there are many avenues to get to its realization, just as there are many roads to get from one point to another.

Once you are determined that you are going to raise funds, the first thing you need to consider are the target market or people who can provide the funds that you need. Are you ready to explore the ways by which you can raise money for your budding youth program? Here are some good ways to raise money for your program:

  1. Solicitation to foundations. A direct sponsorship letter is the classic technique of raising money. But not all people who use this technique get the money they need. The trick is in giving the right follow up to the companies.
  2. Affiliations or tie-ups. An existing youth foundation or youth-oriented group with a lot of funds will do your program a lot of good. Just make sure that you keep everything a win-win situation for your group and theirs.
  3. Service endeavors. Car wash, bazaars and many other equally attractive means of raising funds are good. And this makes a stronger statement if you got the youth themselves to be the ones manning the booths and doing the service for the community. Raffles and bingo sessions are also good ways to get funds.
  4. Research proposals to stakeholders. For the more academic types of youth programs, a research program that allows some benefit to key stakeholders will be able to generate a lot of funds for the research and support for future events.
  5. Events. Fund runs, gala nights, theatrical performances, and concerts are just some of the good events that you can consider organizing. Make it attractive with a little cost and if it is done with much passion and quality, it will draw more people in to support your cause.
  6. Online marketing techniques. Pay per click engines in the World Wide Web and free posting of information on social networking sites allows you to market your event or program for free. Take advantage of this and benefit from the power of the word of mouth.
  7. Donations, grants, sponsorships and pledge forms. Your grant program or youth grant initiatives can also be very beneficial to your program if you are consistently plugging it. Securing actual pledge forms and sponsorships and provided non-monetary incentives are good ways to get more people to support your cause.

Whatever method you choose in raising money for your youth program, it is really important that you are able to prepare your proposal early on and have a clear structure that will communicate to your contributors that you really mean business and it is a cause worth funding. Clutter free and straight to the point proposals coupled with your persistent action to plug the youth program to your network will generate its rewards sooner or later. 


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