How To Report a Franchise Tax

A franchise tax is a type of tax that is charged on some corporations. The amount of a franchise tax charge depends on different factors, including a company's shares and also their assets. Not all states charge franchise tax. When companies report a franchise tax, an annual report is also given. There are different ways to file a franchise tax.

Here are some ways to file or report a franchise tax:

  1. Report Franchise Tax Online. You can easily report a franchise tax online. This may be done by visiting This website has all the instructions on how to file a franchise tax report. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By reporting a franchise tax online, you will be able to save time and money. There is also a link on the website that you can read to be able to understand more about franchise taxes. The link leads to a webpage that has information on the filers who are required to report and pay electronically through the website.
  2. Use PDF Report Forms. You can also choose to report your franchise tax by downloading PDF report forms that you can print out and send to the Comptroller’s office. The PDF files can be downloaded from the website These PDF formats help in reducing the errors in calculations and processing.
  3. Reporting Franchise Tax (Delaware). You can get information regarding the reporting of a franchise tax for the state of Delaware from the website There are instructions on the website, and the tax reports are processed immediately. By doing this online, it will be easier for you to process your documents and fill out forms. The payment options for the business filing are also provided on the website.
  4. This is the website for Forms Workflow. This website offers different types of legal forms including court forms, corporate forms, regulatory forms and legal forms. The web page shows where to download the Final Franchise Tax Report form. You can choose the state where you are located on the right panel on the webpage. You can download the document, fill out the blanks and questions and send it to the Comptroller’s office.
  5. This webpage provides a download link for the Texas franchise tax desk book. The program can be downloaded for $264. It has all the information regarding franchise taxes in Texas. This includes covering topics such as the entities that are required to file a franchise tax in Texas, the applicability of franchise taxes, tax boards, incorporation taxes and basic inclusions and exclusions.

Before filing or reporting your franchise tax, be sure to research and check the rules and regulations for reporting a franchise tax in your state. You can also check the different franchise tax reports for previous years. There is a lot of information regarding the franchise tax that can be found in different websites. You can take advantage of filing a franchise tax online, as it will be more convenient for you.


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